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Folding maps and flat maps

The table below lists maps of Essex in approximately chronological order, taken from the Cruchley (and Gall & Inglis) Atlases and individual County Maps. Cruchley started in 1823, selling primarily maps of London, which were of a good quality and very popular. However, in 1844/50 he acquired the working stock of plates from the old firm of G&J Cary, and proceded to use these via lithographic transfers to produce very cheap but out of date maps of the English Counties and country, only updating them for railways (and that somewhat speculatively at times - several times adding "proposed" lines that were not built).

Cruchley retired and sold of his entire stock of plates/stones in 1877, many to Gall & Inglis of Edinburgh, who continued to use them (and Cruchley's name) for many years.

The dimensions against each cover and each map are Height x Width; for the maps, the measurements are of the outermost neat line of the map (not the size of the sheet of paper). Click on the thumbnails to get a larger picture and more information.

There were two sizes of county map; the colours on the dimensions below group maps of essentially the same size together.

The following is an approximate sequence of the county maps, based on RA Carroll's The Printed Maps of Lincolnshire 1576-1900 (1996), plus the Atlases and maps at CUL and at the BL, and my own collection of maps of Essex.

Date Title(s) Approximate
1855 Railway and Telegraphic Atlas of England & Wales 488 x 545mm Used Cary's New English Atlas (1809). The Cruchley Atlas was re-published in 1858, 1862, 1866, 1874, 1877, 1879, 1880, 1883 & 1888 - from 1879 onwards by Gall & Inglis.
1857 Railway and Telegraphic County Map of [county] 488 x 545mm These were the same plates as used in the Atlas above, and included the Atlas plate numbers in their top right corners. The maps were published many times, including 1862, 1866, 1868 & 1874.
1857 Cruchley's Reduced Ordnance Map of England and Wales 506 x 647mm The Cary Improved Map of England and Wales (1832) at one inch to two miles' issed as sheets and as an atlas - as had Cary.
1862 Cruchley's Railroad Companion 120 x 94mm Used Cary's Travellers Companion (1822). When re-published in 1868 the maps were about 10mm wider.
1863 Cruchley's County Atlas 212 x 261mm Used Cary's New & Correct English Atlas (1809). The Cruchley Atlas was re-published in 1864 (3 times), 68, 72, 73 & 75 (twice).
1863 Cruchley's Railway and Station Map 212 x 261mm The single sheet map version of the County Atlas above. After 1863 it was re-published by as just Cruchley's Map of [county].
1868 Cruchley's Railway and Station Map 488 x 545mm The larger map was re-published many, many times per county, with railways changing but little else. After buying Cruchley's plates in 1877 Gall & Inglis continued to publish them up to around 1913.
1890 AH Swiss Hunting maps 769 x 983mm Used Cary's Improved Map of England and Wales (1832). These regional maps showed the territories of each Hunt, plus a listing of its meets. There were at least 3 editions, in 1890, 1895 & 1900 (all approx).
1895 Cruchley's County maps /
Gall & Inglis' County maps
490 x 550mm The old maps live on - even called "Cruchley's" despite him selling up in 1877 (& dying in 1881). There were several editions (or at least the cover colours changed) in the 1890s, and possibly in the 1900s too.
1910 Gall & Inglis' County maps 480 x 613mm At long last the old maps are dropped and new ones are used from around 1910 (see below) until at least around 1928 (also below) - when they even changed the cover.

Folding county maps - first title (using old map)

Cruchley's Railway and Station Map               Cruchley's Railway and Station Map
1875                                                                 1886
Cruchley 1875                         Cruchley 1886
175 x 108mm for 494 x 543mm                       173 x 114mm for 490 x 543mm

Folding county maps - new title (but same map)

Cruchley's County Maps of England
Essex, 1893
Cruchley 1893 cover
177 x 94mm for 492 x 556mm

Folding county maps - almost same title and same map, but new cover

Cruchley's County Maps of England               Gall & Inglis' County Maps of England                 Cruchley's County Maps of England
Essex, 1895                                                     Essex, 1896                                                         Essex, 1896
Cruchley 1895 blue cover                         Cruchley 1896 red cover                         Cruchley 1896 cover
153 x 91mm for 491 x 550mm                         153 x 91mm for 491 x 550mm                             178 x 93mm for 489 x 551mm

Folding county maps - same title (but different map)

Gall & Inglis' County Maps of England             Gall & Inglis' County Maps of England               Gall & Inglis' County Maps of England
Essex, 1910                                                     Essex, 1910                                                         Essex, 1928
Cruchley 1910 red cover                             Cruchley 1910 dun cover                               Cruchley 1928 cover
177 x 96mm for 481 x 613mm                         152 x 91mm for 481 x 613mm                             173 x 99mm for 478 x 612mm

Folding half inch maps

Cruchley's Reduced Ordnance Map               The Half Inch Map of England
1865                                                                 Sheet 27, 1900
Cruchley 1865                         GnI 1900
184 x 105mm for 501 x 662mm                       139 x 75mm for 514 x 644mm

Folding county maps - hunting map

AH Swiss' No 12. Hunting Map
The Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffiolk and South Cambridgeshire District, 1895
AH Swiss 1895
170 x 119mm for 769 x 983mm

County maps in Cruchley Atlases

Thumbnail maps Mapmakers, their Atlases and Maps
Thumbnail: Cruchley 1860

GF Cruchley
Cruchley's Map of Essex

1860         487mm x 563mm
Cruchley using very old plates - and will do so again.

Thumbnail: Cruchley 1863

GF Cruchley
Cruchley's County Atlas of England and Wales

1863         211mm x 265mm
Cruchley using another set of very old plates.

Thumbnail: Cruchley 1875

GF Cruchley
Railways and Stations Map of Essex

1875         211mm x 265mm
Cruchley keeps using his very old plates.

Other information on GF Cruchley

1823-24   349 Oxford Street
1824-33     38 Ludgate Street
1830-76     81 Fleet Street
1877 Some plates acquired by Gall & Inglis
Taken from British Map Engravers, Worms & Baynton-Williams

Other information on Gall & Inglis

1857-78   6 George Street, Edinburgh
. . 1857-78   13 George Street, Edinburgh, as well
. . 1872-74   30 Paternoster Row, London, as well
. . 1875-1909 25 Paternoster Square, London, as well
. . 1909->   31 Henrietta Street, London, as well
1878   20 Bernard Terrace, Edinburgh
1924   12 Newington Road, Edinburgh

Taken from British Map Engravers, Worms & Baynton-Williams, and IMCOS Journal Issue 73, Summer 1998.

International Map Collectors' Society Journals
There have been three articles on Cruchley and Gall & Inglis in the IMCoS Journals: Issue 73 (Summer 1998), pp 7-12; Issue 93 (Summer 2003), pp 21-38; and Issue 101 (Summer 2005), pp 5-18. These can be read on the Journal page of the website if you are a member of IMCoS; non-members can only read the contents pages of the Journals - a good reason to join!

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