Seller 1701

116mm h x 148mm w

Seller 1701

Camden's Brittania Abridg'd

Seller had worked with other booksellers to create a part-work called Anglia Contracta in 1694, and then using the same maps in The History of England in 1696, and the maps appeared for a third time in this abridgement of Camden's Britannia - an abridgement that is of the Dutch version of 1617, not of the the recent 1695 Camden's Britannia.

The maps will be used again in 1787.

Displayed scale of 10 miles = 22.8mm, or 11.1 miles/inch; scale actual = 12.0 miles/inch, or 1:760,000.

The sales pitch for this work was that this version is a lot cheaper than the recent Camden's Britannia, and was proud to announce that they used Seller's plates, even though he had died in 1698. The author is not known.

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