Essex mapmakers

The table below lists mapmakers in roughly chronological order, based on their first entry; their Atlases/maps are listed chronologically within each mapmaker. There is (will be) a link from the Atlases/Maps to pictures. Others who were involved with the main-listed mapmaker are also shown (in brackets and smaller font), with links to their own sections where applicable.

Warning: The dates below are the dates of publishing the Atlas - which can be quite different from the date of an individual map, as used on the County Maps pages.

Shown against items are Skelton/Hodson or other reference books:

Mapmakers Atlases and Maps
Christopher Saxton

(W Web; P Lea;
Willdey & Jeffries;
Dicey & Co

1579 An Atlas SH1, but individual counties earlier (Essex 1576)
1645 The Maps of all the Shires in England and Wales (W Web) SH27
1665 plates prepared for printing, but no Atlas SH80
1689 All the Shires of England and Wales (Lea) SH10; re-iss 1693 SH112; re-iss
1694 as Atlas Anglois SH13, and 1695; re-iss as
1732 The Shires of England and Wales Described by C Saxton by Willdey & Jeffries SH183, then re-iss as
1749 The Shires of England and Wales from T Jefferys SH184; re-iss 1772 by C Dicey & Co SH185
John Norden 1594 A few counties; Essex not printed until 1840 (3 different versions); 1887 reprinted in Essex Naturalist

1595 Middlesex, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, IoW, Channel Islands as a group map

1625 An Intended Guyde for English Travellers (with triangular distance table; used by Simmons 1636)
1595 - 1635 Atlas sive Cosmographicae in its 3rd edition onwards included 7 regional maps of England (earlier editions only contained national maps), with a long list of county names in a very ornate cartouche, set in an unnamed North Sea that has pronounced shot-silk shading.
1636 - 1646 The regional maps in Atlas sive Cosmographicae starting with the English edition in 1636, translated by Henry Hexham, use the same plates, but the sea shading is removed, the cartouche is re-engraved in a simpler oval design, some of the county names are spelt differently and the North Sea is named (as Oceanus Septentrionalis).

1607 Atlas Minor Hondius (the elder) published Atlas Minor Gerardi Mercatoris a J. Hondio ... with new smaller plates, copied from the Mercator Atlas - complete with shaded seas but an abbreviated list of counties. This was published 1607 to 1621 in 9 editions (in Latin, French and German); the plates were bought by London Publishers and used in Purchas his Pilgrimes (William Stansby for Henry Featherstone, 1625) and again in Historia Mundi, or Mercator's Atlas (Thomas Cotes for Michael Sparke and Thomas Cartwright 1635; re-issued 1637 & 1639) with an English translation of the folio text of the Mercator-Hondius Atlas (ie not of the Atlas Minor text). The plates were also included unchanged in Robert's Atlas Portatif, Universel et Militaire, published in 1748.

1616 Atlas Minor Hondius (the younger) published Petrii Bertii geographicarum contractarum libri septem with new even smaller plates copied from the 1607 Atlas Minor. This was reprinted in Latin and French in 1618, and in the Camden's Britannia published by Blaue in 1639.

1628 Jan Jansson (the younger) had another set of new plates created for the Atlas Minor, similar in size to the 1607 ones but now with an unshaded sea and a full list of the counties. The longitude is odd - putting London at about 32o45' east. This Atlas Minor was printed in 9 editions from 1628 to 1651, in Latin, French, German and Dutch. The 1651 edition also added individual county maps, including Essex.

1630 Johan Cloppenburg, an Amsterdam bookseller, had a yet another set of plates engraved based on the original 1595 maps, for his "pocket edition" under the title Gerardi Mercatoris Atlas ... De novo ... emendates et Appendice auctus Studio Iudoci Handij. The plates are larger than the earlier Hondius and Jansson ones, being about 190mm x 250mm.
The counties are listed in full, and the Atlas was published in 3 editions: French (1630 & 1636) and Latin (1632), each with text on the reverse of the maps. The plates were apparently bought up by Jansson, whose successor Joannes Janssonius van Waesberghe reprinted them in a final edition (without text) in 1673 & 1676. These latest versions had the sea shading removed and a new cartouche engraved around the existing list of county names.
William Smith

(H Woutneil; P Stent)

1602 12 county maps of the "Anonymous mapmaker" SH3. Essex derived from Saxton (engraver H Woutneil), with roads added;
re-iss 1650 by P Stent SH49 and in 1713 by Overton
P Van Den Keere c.1605 miniature maps SH4, then as
1617 SH12 miniature versions of Camden's Britannia by P vd Keere with Latin text; &
1639 miniatures re-issued no text; published by WJ Blaeu; &
1627 England Wales Scotland and Ireland Described and Abridged SH17 published by G Humble -
the "miniature Speed"; re-iss 1632, 46, 62, 65, 66, 68 & 76 SH19, SH37, SH69, SH82, SH83, SH86 & SH93
W Camden

(Hole; Kip;
Van Den Keere;
J Bill; Mercator; Cary)

1607 Camden's Britannia, 6th edition, with Latin on reverse; 1610 SH6 re-issued no text on backs; 1637 SH23, no text but usually with number lower left corner; all engraved by Hole and/or Kip.
1617 - see Van Den Keere (above) for miniature version of Camden's Britannia SH12

1626 Abridgement of Camden's Britannia SH15 (ie miniatures) by J Bill - all based on Saxton/copied from Van Den Keere's miniature maps.
1639 contracted version SH24, using the Hondius 1616 Atlas Minor small regional maps.
1695 Morden's Camden's Britannia SH117; re-iss as Britannia 1722, 30, 53 & 72 SH169 to SH172 .
1701 Seller's Camden's Britannia Abridg'd SH122; re-iss 1711 SH124a - see Seller 1694
1789 Cary's Camden's Britannia C271 (53 x 43); re-iss 1806 C272 - see Cary 1789
1843 DS55.2 Tymms' Camden's Britannia epitomized and Continued - see Tymms 1822
John Speed

(Bassett & Chiswell;
C Browne; T Taylor;
Van Den Keere)

County maps engraved by Hondius, published in many editions from 1610 to 1795.
1611 The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain SH7; re-iss 1614, 16 (Latin), 23, 27, 32, 46, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 65 (dated 62) SH10, SH11, SH14, SH16, SH18, SH36, SH48, SH50, SH51, SH55, SH57 & SH81, 76 SH92 (Bassett & Chiswell), 95 SH116 (C Browne).
1991 reprinted on "parchment".
Michael Drayton

(W Hole)

Poly-Olbion - a book of songs, and (sort of) maps
1612 first series SH8; re-iss 1613. Essex only in 2nd series of
1622 SH13, printed by Marriott, Grismond and Deare, engraved by Hole L8
M Simmons (seller)
Van Langeren
Tiny ("thumbnail") English county maps set into the corner of a sheet showing table of distances (by Norden, 1625); engraved by Van Langeren; issued as
1635 A Direction for the English Traveller SH20; re-iss 1636 & 36 SH21 & SH22, then revised in Jenner (below).
T Jenner

(J Garrett)

1643 A Direction for the English Traveller SH25 a re-issue of Simmons SH22 above, but then re-engraved a little larger (but still small) and re-published again in 1643 L11ii, then in
1644 A Booke of the Names of all the Hundreds SH26 - with extra text, and then in
1657 A Book of the Names of all the Parishes SH62 (essentially the same as 1635/44, but now listing parishes); re-iss 1662, 68, 77, 80 SH70, SH87/88, SH98/99 & SH101; 77 & 80 sold by J Garrett

1644 The Kingdome of England and principality of Wales, exactly as described ... in six mappes portable for every man's pocket , ie "The Quartermaster Maps"; re-iss 1671, 76, 88 (last 2 J Garrett); re-iss
1752 by Read & Rocque
W Web 1645 - see C Saxton,
J Blaeu 1645 Atlas Novus SH28, which grew progressively, and became by
1662 Atlas Major, in:
. . Latin - 1646, 48, 62 SH30,42,71
. . French - 1645, 46, 48, 62, 63, 67 SH29,SH31,SH43,SH72,SH75,SH84
. . German - 1645, 48, 49 SH32,SH33,SH44
. . Dutch - 1646, 48, 64 SH38,SH45,SH77
. . Spanish - 1659, 62 SH64,SH73
1714 Atlas Anglois - see Mortier 1714
J Jansson

(Schenk & Valk;
Allard; Mortier)

1646 Atlas Novus (some sheets individually earlier)
. . Latin 1646, 59 SH34,SH66 - re-iss 1662 et seq
. . French 1646, 47, 52, 56 SH35,SH39,SH52,SH61
. . German 1647, 49, 52, 58, 59 SH40,SH46,SH53,SH63,SH68
. . Dutch 1647, 49, 52, 53, 59 SH41,SH47,SH54,SH56,SH67
1662 Atlas Contractus; re-iss in
1683 Atlas Anglois by Shenk & Valk; re-iss 1715, and in
1705 Atlas Major SH130 (tome 1 of 3 is of Great Britain) by Allard. Uses Jansson's 1659 plates.
1714 Atlas Anglois - see Mortier 1714
N Sanson 1658 Groups of counties, such as Anciens Royaumes de Kent, D'Essex et de Sussex
H Overton (&J) 1670 Overton Atlas I SH89, mostly Blaue, but Essex by W Smith.
1675 Overton Atlas II SH91, mostly Jansson, but Essex by W Smith
1685 Overton Atlas III SH107, ditto
1690 Overton Atlas IV SH111, ditto
1700 Overton Atlas V SH121, ditto; after this he started giving explicit names to his atlases, starting with ...
1716+ England Fully Described, the Overton Speed & non-Speed Atlas SH142; re-iss 1738+ SH143, 1738+ SH144, 1756+ SH145, the last with C Dicey imprint (aka Overton Atlases VI to VIII, plus Dicey).
1713 W Smith 1602 with Overton name.
1713 England Fully Described, the Overton Speed Atlas SH135 being Speed's Theatre as in SH116 of 1695 (Browne); re-iss c.1716 SH136, c.1720 SH137, 1743 SH138. Essex is dated 1662 on all of these, except 1743 where undated.

1726 Essex, Middx & Herts, a reduced scale copy of Warburton's 1725 map. CAI App 1.3 R118
Richard Blome

(T Taylor;
T Bakewell)

1673 Britannia SH90 (larger maps); re-printed 1677 SH100.
1681 Speed's Maps Epitomiz'd SH104 (smaller maps); re-iss 1685 and
1693 SH105 as Cosmography & Geography SH114, and then as
1715 England Exactly Described , Or a Guide to Travellers SH139 (Taylor); re-iss 1717 SH140, 1731 SH141 - the last being from T Bakewell rather than T Taylor.
J Ogilby & W Morgan 1675 Britannia ... see Road maps
1678 Essex, Engr F Lamb R111, then in c.1689 P Lea's Saxton Atlas SH110/R113 (Ogilby's name removed), re-iss
1733 by T&J Bowles.
Robert Morden

(J Pask; Lenthall,

See also playing cards, then in
1680 A Pocket Book of all the Counties of England and Wales SH103.

1695 Camden's Britannia SH117; re-iss as Britannia 1722, 30, 53 & 72 SH169 to SH172; 1887 reprinted in Essex Naturalist.

c.1700 (w Pask) R116 1inch to 2 miles, 2 sheets, re-iss c1710 by T Taylor R117; re-iss
1778 by Marshall with just cartouche changed.

1701 The New Description and State of England (smaller maps) SH123; re-iss 1704 SH125, 04 SH126 (H Moll, quarto), then as
1708 Fifty Six new and accurate maps of Great Britain (H Moll) SH127, then in
1714-31 Magna Britannia/Atlas Geographus SH128, part work, and as 6 volumes 1720-31, 39 SH129 and 97 SH129.
Unknown c.Charles II manuscript in National Archives (TNA), a little over 1 mile to 1 inch; very faint.
Pieter Schenk &
Gerard Valk
1683 Atlas Anglois -see Jansson 1646
P Lea 1689 - 95 All the Shires of England and Wales, some of which use Saxton 1579 and some use Ogilby 1678 and some have both maps in.
J Seller

(F Grosse)

1694 Anglia Contracta SH115, then in
1696 The History of England SH119/120; re-iss 1697 SH120a, 1703 SH124; reprinted in
1701 Camden's Britannia Abridg'd SH122; re-iss 1711 SH124a and
1777 reprinted in (Supplement to the) Antiquities of England and Wales SH274 - Francis Grosse; re-iss 1783/7, 88, 89, 92 ,97 & 1809 SH275 to SH280, and later L18.
J Oliver 1696 ERO has only known copy R114
H Moll

(Morden; T&J Bowles)

1704 New Description and State of England SH126 - see Morden 1701

1724 A New Description of England and Wales (w T&J Bowles) SH173, using text of Camden's Britannia and (mostly) Morden's small maps (but Essex is Oliver 1696); re-iss 1733 SH175 (see also Badeslade & Toms), and also in
1724 A Set of Fifty New and Correct Maps of England and Wales SH174 with same maps but no text; re-iss 1739 SH176, and then as
1747 The Geography of England and Wales SH177, then as
1753 H Moll's British Atlas SH178; re-iss c.1766 SH178a, and finally
1775(?) The Traveller's Companion L24.
Allard 1705 Atlas Major SH130 (tome 1 of 3 is of Great Britain) - see Jansson 1646.
Newcourt 1710 Middlesex, Essex & Herts

(J Smith)

1714 Atlas Anglois SH131, a mixture of Jansson and Blaue plates (Essex being a Blaue), with Schenk & Valck imprint on Jansson plates; re-iss 1715 SH132, 15 SH133 using only Jansson plates (Allard's 1705 Jansson plates replacing the Blaues), 24 SH134 by J Smith.
J Senex 1714 English Atlas
1719 Actual Survey of all the Principal Roads of England and Wales - Road maps

1775 Jeffery's Itinery, or Traveller's Companion through England and Wales - road maps
T Taylor 1715 England Exactly Described, Or a Guide to Travellers SH139 - see Blome 1673
P van der Aa 1719 Le Comte D'Essex
Gardner 1719 Road maps copied from Ogilby's Britannia
E Bowen & J Owen 1720 County maps in Britannia Depicta, or Ogilby Improv'd SH149, L23 & LA5, being reduced versions of Morden's smaller maps - see road maps.
Warburton 1725 Essex, Middx & Herts on one large scale map. CAI App 1.3 R288 - see below
T & J Bowles(et al) 1726 Essex, Middx & Herts,, a half scale copy of Warburton's 1725 map (w H Overton). CAI App 1.3 R118

1733 see Ogilby & Morgan, 1678
G Willdey & T Jefferys 1732 & 1749 - see Saxton 1579
T Badeslade & WH Toms 1741 Chorogrephia Britanniae SH188, based on Moll 1724; re-iss 1742, 42, 45, 46 & 49 SH189 to SH193.
J Cowley & R Dodsley 1744 The Geography of England SH194 (based on Morden's smaller maps 1701); re-printed in
1745 A new Sett of Pocket Mapps SH195; re-iss 45 SH196.
S Simpson & R Walker 1746 The Agreeable Historian, or the compleat English Traveller SH204, being close copies of Moll (and/or of Read's The English Traveller below)
T Read & J Rocque

(T Jenner; Russel
& Price)

1746 The English Traveller SH197, being close copies of Moll (and/or of Simpson's The Agreeable Historian above); then as
1753 Small British Atlas SH198; re-iss 1753 (twice) SH199 & SH200, 62 SH201, 64 SH202; then as
1769 England Displayed SH203 which has 36 to 38 maps of Small British Atlas (including Essex) & rest from Kitchin's London Magazine SH229, issued by Russell & Price.

1752 Quartermaster's Map (from T Jenner)
Universal Magazine &
J Hinton

(see also T Kitchin and
Bowens, and W Bent/
B Baker.
See also J Gibson 1763.)

1747-66 Universal Magazine county maps SH253 (engraved by Kitchin & others and published J Hinton) - very similar to those in London Magazine. Essex is January 1750.

1765-73 39 road maps after Ogilby - see road maps

1791-98 engraved by B Baker, published by W Bent; see also Laurie & Whittle 1807 C294.
Thomas Kitchin

(T Jefferys)

1747-60 Maps for the London Magazine SH229 mostly based on Morden or Moll, but Essex on Warburton; reprinted in Walpole 1787 SH281.

1747-66 maps for the Universal Magazine (see Univ Mag above)

1749 (w T Jefferys) Small English Atlas SH209 mainly based on Moll, but Essex on Warburton, 13.5cm x 17.8cm; re-iss 1751 SH210, 75 SH211, & 87 SH213 (last re-printed by R Sayer), then in
1776 An English Atlas SH212 printed for R Sayer; re-iss 1787 SH214, 94 SH215 & 96 SH216 - last two by Laurie & Whittle

1755-60 Large English Atlas - see E Bowen below

1763 England Illustrated SH231, and from 1764 as a part work [owned] from Dodsley, maps derived as for Large English Atlas (see below); then as 1765 (&1770?) Kitchin's English Atlas SH232. Also as Walpole 1784 et seq.

1764 The Royal English Atlas - see E Bowen below

1765 The English Atlas (+ E Bowen) - possibly the same as The Royal English Atlas

1769 Kitchin's Pocket Atlas SH258; based on England Illustrated L43; then as 1778 Bowles Pocket Atlas SH259.
E Bowen (1694-1767)
T Bowen (1723-90)

(See also Bowen & Owen;
Kitchin; B Martin; R Martin)

1747-66 Universal Magazine (See Universal Magazine above)
1749-60 The Large English Atlas SH221, many based on Morden, but Essex on Warburton (+ T Kitchin); versions 1762, 63, 64, 67, 67, 79 & 87 SH222 to SH228. Re-issued 1794 as The English Atlas, or still as The Large English Atlas L34.viii with Laurie & Whittle in imprint.

1759-63 The Natural History of England SH230, with maps derived as for Large English Atlas - also published 1755-64 in The General Magazine of Arts and Sciences by Benjamin Martin.

1764 Royal English Atlas SH233 (+ T Kitchin), re-iss 1778 SH234,SH235 (sold by R Wilkinson) & 80 SH236 (Sayer & Bennett), & then as 1794 The English Atlas C299 (R Martin); re-iss 1828 C237

1765 The English Atlas (see Kitchin above)

1767 (E&T Bowen) Atlas Anglicanus SH254 based on the Royal English Atlas, re-iss 1777 SH255, and also as
1768 Morant's History of Essex R120 Hundreds of Essex, and revised as
1785 Bowles' New Medium English Atlas SH256; re-iss 93+ SH257.

1775 The Traveller's Companion L24 - see Moll 1724.
T Hutchinson & T Osborne 1748 Geographia Magnae Britanniae SH205, based mainly on Morden's Camden's Britannia, but Essex on Warburton (engraved by Hutchinson); re-iss 1756 SH206. (1750 RVTp83.)
G Bickham Snr (1684-
1750-54 The British Monarchy SH217 (unusual bird's eye view maps); re-iss
1796 SH218 (published by Laurie & Whittle) as A Curious Antique Collection of Bird's eye Views of the several Counties in England and Wales.
Pieter Meijer 1757-70 Kliene Atlas SH260 (closely copied from E Bowen's The Natural History of England SH230 & engraved by Schenk); Essex in 1763.
J Gibson 1759 New and Accurate Maps of the Counties of England and Wales SH219; re-iss 1779+ SH220
1763-69 Universal Museum (only 12 counties; not of Essex).
Bellin 1759 Carte des Entrees de la Tamise
1764 Carte des Entrees de la Tamise
R Bennett 1761 A New English Atlas, a set of only 11 (including Essex based on Warburton). CAII App 1.3
A Dury 1764 Miniature town plans and groups of counties
J Ellis 1765 The New English Atlas SH238 (closely copied from Kitchin 1763 SH231) published C Bowles & R Sayer; re-iss as Ellis's English Atlas 1766, 68, 73, 77, 82, 86, 90 & 96 SH239 to SH252.
P Russell & O Price 1769 England Displayed SH203 - see Read & Rocque 1769.
Carington Bowles 1775 The Traveller's Companion L24 - see Moll.
1778 Bowles's Pocket Atlas of the Counties of South Britain SH259 (re-iss of Kitchin's Pocket Atlas SH258 1769).

1781 SH234 Map of Essex based on Royal English Atlas - see Bowen.

1782 Bowles's Post Chaise Companion - see Road Maps.

1785 Bowles's New Medium English Atlas SH256 (re-iss of 1767 Atlas Anglicanus SH254 - see E Bowen 1767); re-iss 93+ SH257
F Grosse 1777 et seq Supplement to the Antiquities of England and Wales - see Seller.
Chapman & Andre 1777 R123 Map of Essex at 2 inches to 1 mile; re-iss 1785 R123, 1833 R131a;
1960 reproduced by Harry Margary/Phillimore and Co (full size)
1970 reproduced by ERO at 1/2 scale
Marshall 1778 Map using Morden & Pask of 1700 - see Morden and Pask 1700.
A Zatta 1779 Atlante Novissimo, Venice
Political Magazine

(J Lodge engraver,
J Murray publisher)

1782-90 Political Magazine, Essex is 1788 (based on Kitchin 1764); re-iss in
1795 Atlas of Great Britain & Ireland L51.ii
GA Walpole, WH Dalton
& H Boswell
- pseudonyms of
Alexander Hogg

(T Conder engraver)

1784 County maps in the New British Traveller SH269, a part work published by A Hogg, based on Kitchin's England Illustrated SH231; re-iss 1792 SH270 & 93 SH271; re-printed in
1794 New and Complete English Traveller SH272 published by WH Dalton.

1787 Historical Descriptions SH281, using Kitchin's London Magazine maps SH229; re-iss
1793 Complete Historical Descriptions SH282, 95 The Antiquities of England and Wales SH283, 98 New and Complete Abridgement SH284
J Harrison

(Sudlow, Haywood)

1784-89 Atlas for Rapin's History of England
1791 Maps of the English Counties C291 based on Bowen's Atlas Anglicanus L52; re-iss 1792 C292; then as
1815 General and County Atlas RVTp82.

1787 Map of Essex, engraved by Sudlow, designed by J Haywood & published by Harrison. Not quite identical to 1791 Atlas, as wrong scale & date, plus no text on border - perhaps the draft map for the Atlas?
Hooper 1785 proposed canal from London to King's Lynn, including Bishops Stortford to Cambridge
R Sayer 1787 An English Atlas C259 - see Kitchin's 1749 Small English Atlas SH209 et seq
J Cary

There is a special Map Publishers page for Cary's maps.

1787 New & Correct English Atlas SH285 (26.6cm x 21.2cm) uses many sources, but Essex uses Chapman & Andre; re-iss 1793 (& 95, 02, 04 & 08 L47.ii), 1809 (freshly engraved plates L65), 12, 18, 21, 23, 27 & 31 SH286, then C264 to C270. See also Cruchley 1863 L65 (Cruchley County Atlas of England & Wales, and others).

1789 Camden's Britannia C271 (53cm x 43cm); re-iss 1806 C272, then as
1805 (+ J Stockdale) New British Atlas C319 (53 x 43); re-iss 09, 12 L49.iii

1790 Travellers Companion C273 (16cm x 10cm); re-iss 1791, 96, 97, 01 L50; new plates were then cut for 1806 (& 1822) L50, L61, L80, re-iss 10, 12, 14, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24, 26 & 28 C274 to C285; examples 1792, 1806 and other dates;
re-iss as 1862 Cruchley's Railroad Companion to England & Wales L80. See also Miller 1819.

1794 Cary's New Map of England and Wales, re-issued 1804, 16, 22, 26, 28 and 34 (5 miles/inch).

1809 New English Atlas C333 (55 x 49); re-iss 1811, 18, 28 & 34 C334 to C337, & other intervening dates up to 42 L57; goes on to be basis of the Cruchley Railway & Telegraphic County Atlas of England & Wales (1857) L57 et seq; also in
1824 Geological Map of Essex by W Smith
1832 Cary's Improved Map of England and Wales, first as separate sheets progressively from 1820 to 1832, then as an atlas (2 miles/inch); goes on to be basis of the Cruchley Reduced Ordnance Map of England & Wales (1857).
Robinson 1787 A Map of the Country around Saffron Walden R126, Engr SJ Neale, 1 inch: 1 mile.
J Aikin 1788/90 England Delineated L48, C286 (very, very simple maps of counties); re-iss 1795, 1800 & 03 C287 to C289, & 09 RVTp79.
FJJ von Reilly 1789 Das Konigreichs England - covers SE England (inc Essex)
W Tunnicliff 1791 Maps of some counties - but not of Essex
J Stockdale

(see Neele)

1797 Map of Essex, engraved by Neele and published by Stockdale

1805 New British Atlas - see J Cary 1789.

(see Stockdale; and also Robins, Whitaker & Coltman)

1797 Map of Essex, engraved by Neele and published by Stockdale

1810-29 Encyclopaedia Londinensis - see entry below

1812 The New British Traveller, or, Modern Panorama of England and Wales - see Robins 1812 L70.

1813 Minor Atlas

1823 The Traveller's Pocket Atlas C390 - see Whitaker 1823, and also Coltman 1807
(Officer of Excise)
1799 Map of Essex
GA Cooke 1802-10 The Modern British Traveller, or Tourist's Pocket Directory C305, very similar to Wallis's New Pocket Edition of the English Counties (1810 C344) but based on Cary 1791 L63 & L50.vii; re-iss 1822 C306, and in
1824 Gray's New Book of Roads C392 - re-prints of 1802-10, and in
1830 C417 The Modern British Traveller / Topography of Great Britain L63
R Butters

(W Green, Hatchard)

1803 An Atlas of England C310; small county maps with unusual orientation; maps corrected in
1804 The Picture of England Illustrated C318, by W Green, & re-iss 1805 by J Hatchard L58
J Luffman 1803 A New Pocket Atlas and Geography of England and Wales C308 (miniature circular county maps); re-iss 1806 C309.

1805 An Atlas of the Counties of England C320.
W Faden 1804 Essex R127 1 inch: 2 miles, based on OS. Re-issued by Wyld in 1844 and 1868.

1804 Essex R128 1 inch: 4 miles, based on OS, engr SJ Neale
C Smith


There is a special Map Publishers page for Charles Smith maps.

1804 Smith's New English Atlas C311 , but individual counties from 1801 onwards L56; re-iss 1808, 16, 21, 27, 34 & 46 C312 to C317 (& more RVTp84, eg 18, 32, 38, 43 & 44 L56, and in lithos L56).

1822 Smith's New English Atlas C388 (reduction of 1804 Atlas, similar to Cary's 1787); re-iss 1825, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, 34, 44 L82 (Picket Sculptd.)

1826 Smith's New Pocket Companion to the Roads of England & Wales (road strip maps); re-iss 1827, 1830, 1833 & 1835.
W Green 1804 The Picture of England Illustrated - see Butters 1803
Ordnance Survey 1805 First one inch series, sheets 1, 2, 47 & 48 R129 & R130; there is a special Map Publishers page for Ordnance Survey maps.
Laurie & Whittle

(see also Coltman)

1796 Curious Antique Collection of Bird's Eye Views - see Bickham 1750 SH218.

1807 C294 New & Improved English Atlas - an extended version of Universal Magazine's maps of 1791-97; re-iss 1810, 16, 21, 46 L53. See also Coltman 1807.

1806 New Travellers Companion LA16, RVTp82 5th edition 1810 C343; re-iss many times to 1846.
N Coltman 1807 Laurie & Whittle's New map of the County of Essex, engraved by Neele; re-iss 1828 (Laurie only).
G Wise 1807 miniature circular map of Essex
H Cooper

- pub'd by R Philips, JG Barnard,
BP Capper, Whittakers

1807 Topographical Dictionary of the United Kingdom L64, C327, RVTp88, engraved by H Cooper; re-iss 1808, 13, 25, 26 & 29 C328 to C331 & 39. [1807 not in Chubb or in Lincolnshire.]
Encyclopaedia Londinensis
(J Wilkes)
1810 Encyclopaedia Londinensis L66, C345, with Map of Essex 1803, publ'd by J Wilkes, No 404, Vol VII, 1810. Engraved by Neele but based on Cary New English Atlas 1809.
G Cole & J Roper

There is a special Map Publishers page for these & other Dugdale maps.

1807+ as part work, then as
1810 The British Atlas C339; re-iss as
1816 English Topography L62, C353 (text by Nightingale); re-iss 1818 and/or 1820 C354 and 27; and in the
1835 Dugdale's Curiosities of Great Britain, England and Wales Delineated (& 1838; later editions used Archer maps), and as
1858 Collins Railway & Pedestrian Atlas of England.
Taken from The Beauties of England and Wales by EW Brayley & J Britton 1804.
J Wallis


W Lewis,

G Ellis,


WH Reid)

1810/12 New Pocket Edition of the English Counties, or Traveller's Companion L68, C344; re-iss 1814, then as
1816 Martin's New Traveller's Guide, and as
1818 Martin's Sportsman's Almanack RVT p83, re-iss 1819, and as
1819 Lewis's New Traveller's Guide C364, 21, 24, 25, 27, 35 C365, 36 C366 & 40.

1812 A New and Improved County Atlas C349; re-iss
1812/13 Wallis's New British Atlas C350 L69, and as
1813 Wallis's Second and Superior British Atlas; re-iss 1814 & 16 L69; then as
1819 Ellis's New & Correct Atlas of England & Wales C367; re-iss 1822; then as
1842 Wyld's Atlas of English Counties L69, C505; later issues, eg 1872.

1820 The Panorama, or Traveller's Instructive Guide C372 (w WH Reid); re-iss 1825 L78 as Atlas and as set of cards.
R Rowe


1811 The English Atlas L71; re-iss 1816 C354a, then as
1829 New British Atlas C409 (by Teesdale); re-iss 1830, 31, 32, 33, 35 & 40 C410 to C415; re-named Improved Edition of the New British Atlas from 1832 L71, then as Collins 1st litho 1849/52(?) and Philips/Bartholomew 1872 L71.
J Robins 1812 New British Traveller, or, Modern Panorama of England and Wales (engraved by Neele) sold as single sheets L70; re-iss as atlas 1918, 19, then as
1819 Robin's Atlas of England & Wales L70, C362 - same as J Dugdale 1819 C363.
J Dugdale
(see also T Dugdale c1835)

(Cundee, Robins, Neele)

1815, 1819 New British Traveller C363, engraved by Neele and published by Cundee - same as Robins' 1819 C362 above
J Nightingale 1816 English Topography L62, C353; re-iss 1818 & 1820 C354 and 27 - see Cole & Roper 1810.
E Langley (& Belch)


1818 Langley's New County Atlas L73, C359 (maps dated 1816 onwards, Essex 1817); re-iss 1820 as Phelp's Atlas.
S Hall
(see also S Leigh)

T Cromwell, J Gorton;
Chapman & Hall)

There is a special Map Publishers page for these Hall maps.

1818 Excursions through Essex, vol I, 1819 by T Cromwell
1820 New Pocket Atlas of England and Wales L76, C373 - see S Leigh

1833 A Topographical Dictionary of Great Britain and Ireland L94, C446, by J Gorton, drawn & engraved by S Hall, published by Chapman & Hall (also issued as separate folding maps), then as
1833 A New British Atlas C451, published by Chapman & Hall; re-iss 1834, 34 & 36 C452 to C454, then as
1842 A Travelling County Atlas C497; re-iss very many times up to late 1880s RVTp82 & L94, then in
1847 A New County Atlas C522 (re-print of 1842 Atlas C497), and in
1860 The English Counties C545, which are enlarged reproductions of the Travelling County Atlas plates.
R Miller

(Crabb, Darton, Hinton,
Ramble, Hodgson)

1819 Set of geographical cards (published by Thomas Crabb), then in
1821 Miller's New Miniature Atlas C340; re-iss
1822 Darton's Miniature Atlas L74, C341 by Hinton, then as
1825 Rueben Ramble's Travels through the Counties of England C517 publ'd by Hodgson; re-iss 1845, 50. All based on Cary 1790/1806.
W Lewis 1819 New Traveller's Guide C364 - Wallis 1810
G Ellis 1819 New & Correct Atlas of England & Wales - see Wallis 1812; then appears as
1842 Wyld
W Smith 1819-24 Geological Atlas - see Cary 1809
Martin 1819 Martin's Sportsman's Almanack - see Wallis 1810
S Leigh
& MA Leigh (widow)

(See also S Hall)

1820 Leigh's Picture of England & Wales, then as
1820 Leigh's New Pocket Atlas of England & Wales L76, C373 (engraved by S Hall); re-iss 1825-42, then as
1825 Leigh's New Atlas of England and Wales L76; re-iss 1826, 31, 33, 37, 39, 42, 43, 45.
G & WB Whitaker

(Pinnock & Maunder,
Neele & Son)

1820 Pinnock's County Histories L77; re-iss 1823, 24, 25 by G & B Whitaker, and also issued as
1820 The Traveller's Pocket Atlas C390 (have name of Neele & Son on each map), published by Pinnock & Maunder; re-iss 1821, 23 by G & B Whitaker L77, all based on Cary 1806.
W Pinnock

(See also T Dugdale,
J Archer, G & WB
Whitaker, and

1820 Pinnock's County Histories and The Traveller's Pocket Atlas - see Whitaker 1820.

1825 Pinnock's History and Topography of England and Wales C396 - based on Cole & Roper 1810.

1833 Pinnock's Guide to Knowledge L98 (wood engraved by J Archer, white on black background); re-iss 1838, then as
1844 Descriptive County Atlas of England & Wales, publ'd by R Groombridge, then as
1847 Johnson's Atlas of England C523; re-iss 1863.
S Tymms

(JB Nichols, Crosby, J Walker)

1822 Crosby's Complete Pocket Gazetteer of England and Wales L81, then as
1831-35 A compendium of the Ancient and Present state of [various circuits], and also in
1831 The Family Topographer C441, DS55.1, published by John Bowyer Nichols & Son, 1832, with issues until 1835; then re-iss
1842/3 Camden's Britannia epitomized and Continued DS55.2
W Darton & T Dix 1822 A Complete Atlas of the English Counties (& counties sold separately earlier) C387; re-iss as
1835 The Counties of England; later re-iss as Post Office maps, Railway and Commercial maps, Official county maps.

1822 Darton's Miniature Atlas - see Miller 1819.
J Thomson

(Allen, O Hodgson)

1823 The New English Atlas, then in
1827 The Pocket Tourist and English Atlas for O Hodgson. Based on J Allen's 1811 A Geographical Game - Allen's English Atlas L67
AM Perrot 1823 L'Angleterre ou Description Hist. et Topographique du Royaume Uni de la Grand Bretagne par GB Depping; re-iss 1828, 35 L83, RVTp83
GC Gray 1824 Gray's New Book of Roads C392 - see Cooke's 1802.
C & J Greenwood 1825 L87, R131, publ Greenwood, Pringle & Co, 1 inch : 1 mile (as a single sheet, or as 2 sheets or as 6 sheets).

1834 Atlas of the counties of England L102, C458a (1817-33 County maps, published 1829 to 1834; Essex is 1831); re-iss 1834 C458b.
J Pigot

(Isaac Slater)
1826 Pigot & Co's London and Provincial New Directory, 3rd Edition L88, C399 (1st edition in 1822 had no maps); re-iss 1829 & 1832 C400 & C401, and several further dates (eg 1837) with railways; then (Slater took over the business on Pigot's death in 1846) as
1846 Slater's New British Atlas L88, C400; re-iss 1846-57

1831 Pigot & Co's British Atlas C425; re-iss 1839, 40, 44 & 57 C426 to C429.

1835 Pocket Topography & Gazetteer of England C462; re-iss 1842 C463, 1850 DS48

1839 Pigot & Co's Pocket Atlas, Topography and Gazetteer of England L108, No. 14, Essex (c.1839).
O Hodgson 1827 The Pocket Tourist and English Atlas L67, C371 - see Thomson 1823.
W Ebden

(J Duncan; Collins)

1828 An Atlas of the Counties of England, loose sheets only, not an atlas L85; re-iss
1833 A New Atlas of England and Wales; re-iss
1835 A Complete County Atlas of England and Wales C455 (Duncan); re-iss 1840, & 37, 38, 40, 45 C456 & C456a L85, 55 & 65 RVTp81, then as
1855 The New British Atlas L85 by Collins; re-iss 1871.
A Bryant c1828 6 to 8 county maps at 1" to 1 mile; does not include Essex L86
SDUK 1829 onwards. Section maps of England.
WR Morris 1829 map around Southend
H Teesdale

(J Heywood; Collins; Orr)

1829 New British Atlas C409 - see Rowe 1811.

1830 A New Travelling Atlas L92, C418; re-iss 1843, 50, 52, 68, 75, 80, 81 (by W Orr in 52, by J Heywood 58 et seq); and as
1850 Travelling Atlas of England L92, C529 by Collins; re-iss 1852 C530 (by WS Orr & Co), and as
1868 Heywood's County Atlas of England & Wales C531; re-iss 82.
TL Murray 1830 An Atlas of the English Counties L89, C419; re-iss 1831 C420 & 32, 34 RVTp83 - copied from Ebden 1828/33 above.
T Moule

(Barclay; engravers Bingley,
Schmollinger & Dower)

1830-36 Moule's English Counties (based on Ebden 1828/33 and Hall 1833) in parts L95, DS38.1, then as
1836 The English Counties Delineated C471 DS38.2 & .3; re-iss 1837 & 38 C472 & C473, then as
1841 Barclay's Complete & Universal Dictionary, or A complete and universal English Dictionary DS38.4 - .10 re-iss 1842, 48 (example), 50 & 52 (with a "42" added), and as
1847 Hall's Pocket County Maps, and in
1849 The History of England, by Hume & Smollett.
J Bingley 1831 In The History & Topography of The County of Essex, by T Wright

S Lewis (also known
under Creighton)

(Starling; J&C Walker)

1831 Lewis's Topographical Dictionary R93, C430 (drawn by Creighton, engraved by Starling and/or J&C Walker); re-iss 1833 (election & polling places added), 35 L104, 38, 40 (with union boundaries), 42, 45 & 49. C431 to C436. From 1844 onwards called Atlas to the Topographical Dictionary (Sussex p204).
More details on Lewis's maps, with many examples, are on the Publisher's page.
Lt RK Dawson 1832 Plans of the Cities and Boroughs of England and Wales L96, C439, DS20 (includes county maps)
1833 County maps L100 for census returns 1801 -> 1831.
William Cobbett 1832 A Geographical Dictionary of England & Wales L97, C440; re-issued 1854 C440a without maps.
A Fullarton (& J Bell)

(Gray & Son)

1833 A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of England and Wales ... L99, C445 by J Bell, based on Hall 1833; re-iss 1834, 1835, 1836 C445a, 1837, and then as
1840 The Parliamentary Gazetteer of England and Wales C510; re-iss 1843, 44, 45, 46 C511, 48, 49.
1868-71 The Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales DS23 - regional maps; later used in many guide books, including Houlston, WH Smith, W Murray and J Bartholomew.
J Duncan 1833 A Complete County Atlas of England and Wales C455; also issued 1845. - see Ebden .
MM Rodwell 1834 The Geography of the British Isles L103, C458c (very small maps in school text book, published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman).
T Dugdale (see also
J Dugdale c1819)

(J Archer; Tallis; Blanchard)

There is a special Map Publishers page for these Dugdale maps.

1835 England & Wales Delineated, Curiosities of Great Britain L62, C465, DS2 initially used the Cole & Roper maps, (copied from Cole & Roper 1810); re-iss in 1838, but then from
1842/43 uses maps by J Archer instead of the Cole & Ropers; reissued 1848, 1854 and 1860; also in
1854-60 (in 50 weekly parts) C465a, C466 & C467; re-iss in
1860 Tallis's Topographical dictionary of England and Wales edited by EL Blanchard DS2.9/10, and in Barclay's Complete & Universal Dictionary (some use Archer, some use Moule).
Church Commission


1836 Maps of the dioceses L106, C470a, by S Arrowsmith
J & C Walker

(Letts, Crutchley, Wyld)

There is a special Map Publishers page for these Walker maps.

1837 This British Atlas L105, C476 (Essex dated 1835); re-iss 1837, 41, 46, 52, 61, 62 & 70 C476a to C481 et seq L105, VTp84 DS56, - examples from 1835, 1835, 1835, 1839, 1840, 1842, 1845, 1849, 1849, 1855, 1859, 1868 1871; and as
1849 Hobson's Fox Hunting Atlas C532; re-iss 1866, 68, 70, 72 & 80 RVTp82 DS56.8->.10, and as
1880-86, 1893-95 Walker's fox hunting atlas DS56.11/.12, and as
1884 Letts Popular Atlas DS56.6/.7 and 1887, and by
1886 James Wyld (folding map).
Also issued as separate folding county maps ("Walkers' Essex", etc) 1835 and onwards by Walker (eg 1846), and by Cruchley (Sussex, p 219 et seq).
J Archer

(see also, Fisher, Son
& Co, and Dugdale)

1841-43 The British Magazine and Monthly Register of Religious and Ecclesiastical Information C492. Maps of dioceses only.
J Wyld 1842 Wyld's Atlas of English Counties - see Wallis 1812. Later re-issues, eg 1872.
1844, re-issued 1868 Topographical Map of the County of Essex, viz a reissue of Faden's 1804 map with added railways.
Fisher, Son & Co

(see also J Archer)

1842-45 Fisher's County Atlas of England and Wales L111, C504, DS21 - drawn and engraved by J Archer (other counties by FP Becker).
Agricultural Society 1843-70 The Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England C512 - geological maps, but no Essex.
S Dickson 1844 A Distance Map of the County of Essex by S Dickson, Surveyor.
R Ramble 1845 Rueben Ramble's Travels through the Counties of England C517; re-iss 1845, 50 - see Miller 1819.
I Slater 1846 Slater's New British Atlas - see Pigot's 1837 British Atlas
T Johnson 1847 Johnson's Atlas of England; re-iss 1863 - see Pinnock 1833 L98.
J Reynolds

(J Emslie)

1848 Reynold's Travelling Atlas of England L114, C526, DS49.1 (engraved by J Emslie), re-iss 54, 56 DS49.2, then as
1860 Reynold's Geological Atlas of Great Britain C542; re-iss 1864 & 89 C543 & C544, DS49.3/.4/.6, and as
1855 & 64 Portable Atlas of England and Wales C558 DS49.5 (re-iss of 1848 maps), and as
1904 Stanford's geological atlas of Great Britain, re-iss 07, 13 & 14 DS49.7/.8 (re-iss of 1848 maps).
HG Collins (then W Collins & Sons)

(B Clarke; Heywood; J Archer)

1849 New British Atlas L71 (from Teesdale 1829, which was from Rowe 1811), then as
1852 The British Gazetteer L71, C534, then as
1857 Collins' County Atlas of England & Wales.
1850 Travelling Atlas of England L92, C529; re-iss 1852 C530 (by WS Orr & Co) and 1868; see Teesdale 1830.
1852 Collins' Pocket Ordnance Railway Atlas of Great Britain L119, C535, DS18 - regional maps by J Archer.
1855 The New British Atlas L85; re-iss 1871 - see Ebden 1828.
1858 Collins' Railway and Pedestrian Atlas of England C539, based on Cole & Roper C339
1872-75 Collins' County Geographies L131, DS19.1; re-iss 1877 in Collins' Atlas of England and Wales DS19.2
c.1878 Collins New School Room Map of ... (some counties, Essex?)
Kelly & Co

(drawn by BR Davies)

1852 The Post Office Map of Essex (218mm x 278mm)
1845 et seq The Post Office Directory [... of six home counties/ ... of London & nine counties/ ... of seven home counties], which becomes
1861 The Post Office Directory Atlas of England & Wales (Sussex, p234 et seq) - OR
1849 The Post Office Directory Atlas of England and Wales L116, C546, DS30, re-iss 1855, 61, 68, 76, then as
1885 Kelly's Directory
1871 Post Office Directory (216mm x 277mm)
1888-1937 Kelly's Directory L145, with larger maps. Also used by ECC.
C Knight 1852 Essex, Herts & Middlesex
Weekly Dispatch

(BR Davies; Cassell's;
Kelly's; Bacon)

1852-62 (Essex in 1860) L120, C540, DS3.1 engraved by BR Davies, Dower & Weller, then in
1863 The Dispatch Atlas C551 DS3.2, then in 1862 Cassell's Complete Atlas and many more (see Cassell's).
GF Cruchley

(became Gall & Inglis folding maps)

There is a special Map Publishers page for Cruchley's maps.

1855 Cruchley's Railway & Telegraphic County Atlas / County Map of ... (based on Cary 1809 New English Atlas, 480 x 550mm) L57; re-iss 1858 62, 66, 74, 77, 79, 80, 83, 88; also as
1857 Cruchley's County Map of ...; Cruchley's County Map of ... for Cyclists and Tourists; re-issued 1862, 1866, 1868 & 1874, and from 1877 onwards by Gall & Inglis (up to around 1928 or more, as Gall & Inglis' County Map). Also as
Cruchley's Road & Railway Map of ..., eg in 1894.
1857 Cruchley's Reduced Ordnance Map of England and Wales (based on Cary 1832 Improved Map of England & Wales); re-iss 1865, 1900 (by Gall & Inglis) and no doubt other dates; also as AH Swiss's Hunting Map.
1862 Cruchley's Railroad Companion to England and Wales (106 x 138mm) L80, C550 (based on Cary 1790 Traveller's Companion, 160 x 100mm); re-iss 1868.
1863 Cruchley's County Atlas of England and Wales (211 x 265mm) C552 (based on Cary 1787/1809 New and Correct English Atlas, 266 x 212mm SH285); re-iss 1868, 72, 75 & 75 C553 to C556, L65 A to I. Also issued as separate folding county maps.
More details on Cruchley's and Gall & Inglis' maps, with many examples, are on the Publisher's page.
George Philip

(& FS Weller)

There is a special Map Publishers page for G Philip maps.

1857/8-65 & 73 Philips' county atlas of England & Wales DS41.1, then as
1865-68 Philips' Atlas of the counties of England (by Weller) L123 DS41.2; re-iss 1875-80 DS41.3 by Bartholomew, 1883-99 DS41.5/.7->.11 - examples 1867, 1885, 1900; and as
1885 Philips' cyclists' maps of the counties of England DS41.6, and Philips' atlas of the British Isles DS41.12, and as
1876-81 The Pictorial world DS41.4. Examples of the folding maps 1881, 1884, 1885, 1900, 1903.
1872-73 Philips' Educational Series of County Maps L130 DS44.1, then as
1873 Philips' Handy Atlas of the counties of England DS44.2 by Bartholomew; re-iss more or less annually until 1903 DS44 - examples 1873, 1882 and 1886 and 1895; then as
1908 Philips' Handy Administrative Atlas of the counties of England DS44.15; re-issued until 1930. Also as
1873 Butcher & Co's series of Directory Maps DS44.3, and as
1881-91 Steven's Series of Directory Maps DS44.10, and as
1910 Philips' Model County Maps/Duplex Maps DS44.16 (only a few counties, inc'g Essex).
????-???? Philip's Essex Navigator
????-???? Red Book East Anglia
More details on Philip's maps, with many examples, are on the Publisher's page
L Tallis

(EL Blanchard)

1860 (Tallis's) Topographical dictionary of England & Wales - see Dugdale 1835 above.
W McLeod

(E Weller)

1861 Physical Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland L122, C548 (Gleig's School Series, E Weller)
E Weller 1863 Eastern Counties Railway
W Hughes

(J Virtue)

1863-68 The National Gazetteer L126, C562, DS25.1/.2/.3, published by J Virtue; re-iss
1873 A New County Atlas of Great Britain DS25.4/.5; re-iss as
1886 A new parliamentary & courts atlas of Great Britain & Ireland DS25.6
P & G Cassell

(BR Davies)
See also W & AK Johnston

1862 Cassell's Complete Atlas using the same maps as in the Dispatch Atlas 1863 L120; and as
1863 Cassell's County Maps for Road and Rail; and as
1864-67 Cassell's British Atlas C559 RVTp81 DS3.3; re-iss in
1866 & 64 Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper; also in
1867 Cassell's Shilling County Maps; also see Bacon below.
1872 Cassell's County Geographies DS17 - some counties.
1892/3-98 or 09 Cassell's gazetteer of Great Britain & Ireland DS16 - regional maps (published by W & AK Johnston)
John Heywood 1868 Heywood's County Atlas of England & Wales - see Teesdale 1829.
Boundary Commission 1868 Boroughs (196 English, 51 Welsh) L127, DS13, publ'd Eyre & Spottiswoode. There were also some individual counties, including Essex.
1885 Counties, with proposed parliamentary county divisions overprinted in red L139, DS14, plus a few boroughs, publ'd by Ordnance Survey.
1887/8 Local Government Boundaries on each county L143, DS15, publ'd by Ordnance Survey.

(folding maps as well as atlas maps)

There is a special Map Publishers page for Bacon maps.

[The Cassell's maps that had appeared 1856-62 in the Weekly Dispatch L120, DS3.1, then in 1863 as The Dispatch Atlas DS3.2, and in 1862-67 as Cassell's Atlases, were bought by Bacon in 1869, and then via lithographic transfer, sometimes with a change of scale, appeared as all the following:]

1869 Bacon's County Atlas DS3.4 (also as Bacon's Map of ...); sold loose by 1891, and as
1868(?) Bacon's new series of county maps DS3.5 (also as Bacon's illustrated map of ...), then as
1876 Bacon's new quarto county atlas DS3.6, then as
1883/4/5 New large scale Ordnance atlas of the British Isles DS3.7, then as
1886 New large scale atlas of the British Isles DS3.8, then as
1887 New large scale Ordnance map of the British Isles DS3.9; re-iss 1888 DS3.10, and
1889 New large scale Atlas of the British Isles from the Ordnance Survey DS3.11, 1891 DS3.12, 1891/93 DS3.13
1895 Commercial & Library Atlas of the British Isles DS3.14; re-iss 1895/6/7 DS3.15, 1898, 99 & 99/00/01 DS3.17, .18 & .19, then in
1907 Bacon's Library Atlas of the British Isles, and in
1907 Bacon's popular atlas of the British Isles DS3.20
1924 Bacon's County Atlas of England and Wales, re-iss 1931.
Examples: 1883, 1895, 1904, 1907, 1913(?), 1924 and 1931.
Alternatively, see Map Publisher page on Bacon that has all the atlas and folding maps (including covers).
The Weekly Dispatch maps purchased from Cassell's were used for folding maps as well as for the atlases above:

1868(?) Bacon's new series of county maps DS3.5 (also as Bacon's illustrated map of ...), then as
1896-1902 Bacon's county guide map of ... DS3.16 - also as County guide & map of ... for cyclists & tourists and Bacon's County Map & Guide [Essex] for Cyclists & Tourists
Examples: 1870, 1875, 1892, 1896, 1906, 1911, 1912, 1920, 1924, and 1935.
Alternatively, see Map Publisher page on Bacon that has all the atlas and folding maps (including covers).
1898 Bacon's cycling & touring pocket atlas of the British Isles DS4 - regional maps
1902 Bacon's Cycling and Motoring East Anglia (regional map)
1910 Bacon's New Survey Map of the Counties of Essex, Hertford, Middlesex & London.
1910 Bacon's Large Print Road Map of the Eastern Counties of England (regional maps)
1915 Bacon's Motoring and Cycling Road Map [town] District (regional maps)
1928 Bacon's Cycling and Motoring Map of [county] and surrounding counties

(A&C Black and Encyclopaedia
Brittanica; RAC)

(folding maps after 1895)

There is a special Map Publishers page for Bartholomew maps.

1875 et seq Encyclopaedia Britannia 9th ed DS5.1 .2 .4 then as
1892 Black's Handy Atlas of England & Wales DS5.3
1887 Gazetteer of the British Isles DS6
1887/8 Pocket Atlas of England & Wales DS7 - regional maps
1897 Royal Atlas of England & Wales
- Half Inch folding maps - see Bartholomew Map Publisher page

1897 Bartholomew's Reduced Survey for Tourists & Cyclists, Sheet 26 Essex
1904 Bartholomew's New Reduced Survey for Tourists & Cyclists, Sheet 26 Essex
1924 Bartholomew's Reduced Ordnance Survey Scale 1/2 inch to 1 mile for Motorists & Cyclists. 26 - Essex
1926 Bartholomew's Revised Half Inch Countoured Map (of England & Wales) [Sheet 26 becomes renumbered sheet 16]
1936 Bartholomew's Revised Half Inch Map (of Great Britain)
1961 Bartholomew's Half Inch Contoured Great Britain
also used in:
1923 AA Sheet 26 Essex
1920s Motoring Magazine
1975 National Map Series 1:100,000 Sheet 16
1990 Essex Leisure Map
- Quarter Inch folding maps - see Bartholomew Map Publisher page

WH Smith
1882 WH Smith & Son's London & Environs
1883 WH Smith & Son's Reduced Ordnance Map of Essex (Sheet 9); re-iss 1886, 98
1899 Bartholomew's "Four Miles to the Inch" Road Map of England & Wales - New Series Sheet 9

1888 Stanford's Quarter Inch (Sheet 12)

1911 Four Miles to the Inch Road Map of England & Wales, Sheet 9
1973 Bartholomew GT Map of Great Britain, East Anglia, Sheet 5
1990 East Anglia and South East England
Encyclopaedia Britannica

(Black, Bartholomew, W & AK Johnston)

1875-88 (Essex Volume VIII, 1878) 9th Edition L137, DS5.1 published by A&C Black; re-iss by W & AK Johnston in 1892, 95, 96 DS5.2, 98, 99 DS5.4; there were also many pirated issues in the USA; UK version then as
1892 Black's Handy Atlas of England & Wales DS5.3.
1902-03 10th Edition
W & AK Johnston

(see also Encyc Britannica,
and P&G Cassell)

There is a special Map Publishers page for W & AK Johnston maps.

1878 Johnston's 3rd standard atlas and geography, England & Wales DS26 - regional maps.
1889 The modern county atlas of England & Wales L146, DS28
1892 The World-Wide Atlas of England & Wales - regional maps from 7th edition in 1905
1897 The Victoria Regina Atlas, renamed the Victoria Atlas for its 2nd edition in 1901 - regional maps
1905 New Three Miles to an Inch Map of England, updated as
1938 Motoring and Hiking Map and as
1947 Readyfold Map
1952 New Two Miles to an Inch Road Map
see also Johnston's Map Publisher page
JW Wood 1879 Wood's Series of County Maps for Schools DS57 - only Essex, Kent, Middlesex & Surrey.
GS Boulger 1882 Transactions Essex Field Club, Vol II Plate VI
Letts, Son & Co

Mason & Payne

Letts Popular Maps 1884 and 1887 (from J&C Walker), DS56.6/.7
Edward Stanford

(see also Reynolds)

1881 The London Geographical Series (also known as Ambleside Geography books) L136, DS52.1; then as
1886 Stanford's handy atlas DS52.2/.3
1885 Stanford's parliamentary county atlas and handbook of England & Wales L138, DS53.1 , then as
1870s/90s Stanford's Two Shilling series of county maps DS53.2
1904-14 Stanford's Geological Atlas DS49.7/.8, based on Reynolds 1848.
R Tuck & Sons


1885 Educational Series. The UK L140 issued as reward cards; re-iss c1888 by Bognard of Paris.
J Jaques & Son c.1890 Skits, A Game of the Shires L147
AH Swiss c.1890 No 12 Hunting Map, based on Cary's 1832 Improved Map of England & Wales (at 2 miles/inch).
FS Weller / Brabner /
1893-95 The comprehensive gazetteer of England & Wales L149 (issued 1884 to 1906).

Folding maps, bar one

There is a special Map Publishers page for Geographia maps.

Two miles to an Inch
2 miles to 1 inch Road Map of England & Wales. No 14 - Essex & S Suffolk
Three miles to an Inch
1921 The New Road Map of Essex
1931 The Up to Date Road Map of Essex 1922 Large Scale Road Map of Essex, 3mls/inch
1942 Cyclists Map of Essex
1968 Super Motorist Map, Sheet 7, Essex & Herts, 3mls/inch
Five miles to an Inch
1936 Numbered Road Touring Map
One mile to an Inch
1937 Ramblers Map to London's Countryside, new series 1948
Essex Almanac &
County handbook

(uses Bacon maps)

1896, 1897 & 1907
Ordnance Survey

Folding maps

There is a special Map Publishers page for Ordnance Survey maps.

One Inch

1805 Old Series
1874 New Series
1893 Revised New Series
1903 Third Edition (small sheets) ; 1907 Third Edition (large sheets)
1911 Fourth Edition (abandoned)
1918 Popular Edition
1931 Fifth Edition (small sheets) ; 1937 Fifth Edition (large sheets - abandoned)
1945 New Popular Edition
1952 Seventh Series
1974 1:50,000 First Series ; Second Series
1980 1:50,000 Landranger
Half Inch

1903 Small Sheet Series
1906 Large Sheet Series
Quarter Inch

1891 Temporary Edition
1899 First Edition
1908 Second Edition (small sheet series) ; 1912 Second Edition (large sheet series)
1919 Third Edition ; 1919 Third Edition New Series
1934 Fourth Edition
1960 Fifth Series (1:250,000)
1978 Routemaster (1:250,000)
1992 Travelmaster (1:250,00)

Folding maps

1900 Map of Essex
1920 Map of Essex

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Folding maps

1912 Official Touring Map of England & Wales (half inch)
1930 RAC County Map & Gazetteer; 2nd edition 1939
1936 Quarter Inch Map of Great Britain
1973 1:100,000 Essex & adjoining counties
1977 1:200,000, Sheet 1 (South East)
1978 1:200,000, Sheet 4 (East Anglia)

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Folding maps

The AA published maps under their own imprint, but were using maps created by other firms. Below is a very incomplete sequence of their maps that covered Essex (generally as part of a larger area).

1923 Essex - Sheet 26 of Bartholomew's Half-inch series
1948 Throughway map of London and the Home Counties - using Bartholomew's Quarter-inch maps
1950 London Northwards - Sheet 19 of Bartholomew's Quarter-inch series
1970 Tourist Map of Herts and Essex - using Geographia's 3 miles to an inch map
1990 South east England & East Anglia - using XXX's 3 miles to an inch map
2008 & 2009 AA Road Map of Britain: Sheet 4 East Anglia at 1:200,000 (the metric 3 miles to an inch).

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Vernon 1947 A New Map of Essex

Folding maps

1951 Popular Pocket Map of Essex
1955 Barnett's Map of Essex
1963 Large Scale Easy to Read Map of Essex
1979 Essex
2003 Essex (Revised colour edition)

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Beacontree Press

Folding maps

1951? Portfolio Maps
1951? Saffron Walden & North West Essex

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Essex County Council

Folding maps

1947 & 1955 County Surveyor's dept road map of Essex
1977 County Map
2000 Essex Public Transport map
2007 Bus & Train Map

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Geographers' A-Z Map Company

Folding maps

1955 1955 Road Map of South East England (4 mls/inch)
1963 Essex Road Map (2 mls/inch)
1964 Road Map East Anglia (4 mls/inch)
1973 Essex A-Z Road Map (2 mls/inch)
1977 East Anglia A-Z Toad Map (3.8 mls/inch)
1978 Essex A-Z Road Map (2 mls/inch)

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Folding maps

1958 County Road Map & gazetteer: No 18 Essex

Folding maps

1930 Michelin Map of Great Britain - 15 sheets covering England, Wales & Scotland.
1984 Great Britain - 4 sheets covering England, Wales & Scotland; 1984 in yellow, reissued 1991 in orange cover.
2009 Great Britain - 11 (smaller) sheets covering England, Wales & Scotland.
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East Anglia Tourist

Folding maps

1980s? Official Tourist Map
Miscellaneous 1920 Times - Ten Mile Map, Sheet 18
1930s (?) Esso - Pictorial Plan of the Eastern Counties of the Midlands
1964 Oxford Univ Press - Plastic Relief map, series 4, Map 5
???? Better Pubs Map of Essex (folding map)

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