Bacon 1920

428mm h x 601mm w (Cover: 172mm h x 100mm w)

Bacon 1920

Bacon's County Map of Essex

Folding map in booklet, that only has the "Alphabetical Index of Towns, Villages, &c", excluding populations (ie same as in 1913).

Two men consulting their map stand leaning on their bikes beside a road, with a car approaching up a hill. "Copyright" in bottom left corner, but no codes.

Displayed scale of 6 miles = 52.5mm, or 2.9 miles/inch; actual scale = 2.8 miles/inch, or 1:175,000 (smaller than before).

Pale dull pink cover, with an added George Philip sales sticker. Address inside is Norwich Street, so post 1919. Main roads in brown, with county edge-coloured in pale brown.

The railway lines include the branch to Thaxted (opened 1913), with no planned projections. No Southend Arterial road.

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