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Folding maps and flat maps

The table below lists W & AK Johnston's atlases and maps of Essex (or regional England containing Essex) in approximately chronological order, followed by images of their maps based on my own collection of maps of Essex.

The dimensions against each cover and each map are Height x Width; for the maps, the measurements are of the outermost neat line of the map (not the size of the sheet of paper).

Dates Title(s) Approximate
1878 Johnston's 3rd Standard Atlas & Geography: England & Wales 164 x 112mm Plate 5 is regional map of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.
1889 Modern County Atlas of England & Wales 177 x 245mm Convential county atlas map.
1892 World-Wide Atlas of Modern Geography 190 x 270mm First published in 1892 with 112 plates, in the 7th edition of 1905 had 128 plates including regional ones for England & Wales.
1897 Victoria Regina Atlas 197 x 263mm Slightly larger plates than the World-Wide Atlas, and with regional maps for England & Wales. In 1897 we were on Section 7, with Section 9 (SW England) on the reverse.
1901 Victoria Atlas 200 x 264mm The second edition changed its name slightly, and renumbered the maps. In 1901 we were on Section 9, with Section 8 (SW England) on the reverse.
1905 New Three Miles to an Inch 617 x 484mm For Tourists, Cyclists and General Reference - it says.
1923 The "Way To" Motoring & Cycling Map 484 x 620mm London and The East - has three mile radius curves from St Paul's.
1938 Motoring and Hiking Map 613 x 488mm Same scale and size, but with a new focus.
1947 Johnston's Readyfold Map 842 x 557mm Same scale as above, but larger map.
1952 New 2 Miles to 1 Inch 547 x 866mm About the same size map, but larger scale.

Three miles to the inch maps

New Three Miles to an Inch
Map of England Sheet 20, 1905
Johnston 1905 cover
170 x 102mm for 617 x 484mm

Motoring and Hiking Map,
Section K, 1938
Johnston Section K 1938 cover
183 x 128mm for 614 x 488mm

Motoring and Hiking Map,
Section KK, 1936
Johnston Section KK 1936 cover
184 x 127mm for 612 x 487mm

Motoring and Hiking Map,
Section KK, 1944
Johnston Section KK 1944 cover
184 x 127mm for 612 x 487mm

Johnston's Readyfold Coloured
Touring Map, 1947
Johnston Readyfold 1947 cover
184 x 101mm for 842 x 557mm

Two miles to the inch maps

Johnston's New Two Miles to
1 Inch Road Map, 1952
Johnston 1952 cover 1
194 x 111mm for 547 x 866mm

Johnston's New Two Miles to
1 Inch Road Map, 1952
Johnston 1952 cover 2
241 x 119mm for 547 x 866mm

Other information on W & AK Johnston

In 1905: Edina Works, Easter Road, and 20 South Saint Andrew Street, Edinburgh, plus 5 White Hart Street, Warwick Lane, London EC.
By 1947: 30 Museum Street, London WC1
Mostly just "London and Edinburgh".

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