Gardner 1719

172mm h x 274mm w

Gardner 1719

A Pocket-Guide to the English Traveller

A straight copy of the Ogilby plates, including a dot every furlong (unlike on Senex); this is the same map as shown for Ogilby, this time with a "92" in the bottom right corner (as in the 1675 et seq editions of Ogilby). The maps are printed on one side only. The title panel is the same design as in Ogilby (unlike Senex), with the addition of dedications on some sheets - eg to Thomas Western Esq on plate 92.

Unlike Senex, there was apparently only ever one edition of this work.

The roads, houses and towns are near enough exact copies of Ogilby, and whilst the hills use smaller symbols there are almost as many trees shown. The shading at the end of each scroll is less pronounced than on Ogilby, so it is far easier to read (eg compare Chelmsford in the bottom left).

Scale of about 7 miles = 80mm, ie about 2.22 miles to an inch (instead of Ogilby's 1 mile to an inch), or 1:140,000.

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