Encyclopaedia Britannia 1892

184mm h x 243mm w

Encyclopaedia Britannia 1892

Encyclopaedia Britannica - Essex

Taken from the 9th Edition of Britannia, and with the W & AK Johnston imprint it's from 1892. No Parliamentary or any other Divisions are shown within the county, and it is covered in a very flat orange colour wash with an unnecessarily bright edge-colour. Around the edges are "Vol VIII", "Plate VI", "Page 552", "Encyclopaedia Britannica Ninth Edition" and "W & AK Johnston". It has more detail than on the 10th Edition.

Scale correct at 10 miles = 40.7mm, or 6.2 miles/inch, ie 1:395,000.

The railways include Grays Thurrock to Upminster (opened 1892) and Upminster to Romford (opened 1893), but not Forest Gate to Tottenham (opened 1894), so it shows that projected railways were being included on maps as though they were open. The earlier state of the map shows fewer railways.

The story of the American piracy of Encyclopaedia Britannica is described on a separate page.

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