Publisher: Jarrold & Son

Folding maps

The dimensions against each cover and each map are Height x Width; for the maps, the measurements are of the outermost neat line of the map (not the size of the sheet of paper).

Maps of Essex

Jarrold red 1900 cover
180 x 110mm for 635 x 806mm

Jarrolds' Map of Essex
Jarrold brown 1900 cover
183 x 99mm for 635 x 806mm

Jarrolds' Map of Essex
Jarrolds 1920 cover
176 x 105mm for 444 x 634mm

Other information on Jarrold & Son

Jarrold & Sons, Ltd, Norwich (no need for more detail in Norwich!)
London address: 10 & 11 Warwick Lane, EC

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