Bacon 1928

340mm h x 471mm w (Cover: 132mm h x 90mm w)

Bacon 1928

Bacon's Cycling & Motoring Map of Essex

On cloth, folded between paper, with no Index or Gazetteer. In the bottom left corner is "Copyright", and the code: J 2037.

The main roads ('rated "Class 1" by the Ministry of Transport') are in red, but not numbered. The county is not edge-coloured, and in fact there are no county borders at all. Unlike the other folding maps above, this one continues the same level of detail across the whole map, not stopping at the county's edge.

Displayed scale of 5.0 miles/inch, or 1:315,000.

Despite the title, the map only goes south as far as Walthamstow and Rochford, but goes north to Peterborough and Lowestoft, and west to Watford and Huntingdon (ie no River Thames).

The Southend Arterial is present (opened 1924), and the railway line to Hadleigh has its intermediate stations opened (so pre-1932) - and hence the estimated date.

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