Bacon 1896

460mm h x 612mm w (Cover: 171mm h x 100mm w)

Bacon 1896

Bacon's County Map & Guide Essex

Folding map with booklet, aimed at cyclists, with much text on Essex (political, physical, geological, industrial, antiquities and places of interest) and principal towns, plus 1891 populations.

Now have a man and a woman both with drop-handlebars, and the man's cycle labelled as "The Rover".

Displayed scale of 10 miles = 94.5mm, or 2.7 miles/inch; actual scale of 2.6 miles/inch, or 1:165,000.

The Parliamentray Divisions are not shown, but it still has the table listing them for the colours shown on the 1892 map. The sheet is over 60mm narrower than the 1892 version, showing less land to the north-east of Harwich than before.

Has the Forest gate to Tottenham railway line (opened 1894), but not the Corringham light (1901 - but not shown on later Bacon maps either) or Chigwell loop (1903).

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