Paterson 1785

147mm h x 86mm w

Paterson 1800

Paterson's British Itinerary Being A new and accurate Delineation And Description of the Direct & Principal Cross Roads of Great Britain

A two volume work by the "Assistant to the Quarter Master General of His Majesty's Forces", first publishd 3 January 1785, and reissued in 1796, 1800, 1803 & 1807.

The 1785 maps have across the bottom of each sheet "Printed for the Proprietor Carington Bowles London 3 Jan 1785". The 1796 maps have "Printed for the Proprietors Bowles & Carver, London 7 Jan 1796". The 1800 and later maps have "Printed for the Proprietors Bowles & Carver London".

This work has a great many pages, with each strip having its own number (& printed two strips to a page); the order of the strips bears no relation to the Ogilby et al series of maps. There is a small dash for each furlong plus a dot for each mile. Roads around the line of the main road depicted are also frequently shown. (The above image is from an 1800+ issue, as the map is undated.)

The scale is around 10 miles = 85mm, or 3.0 miles to an inch (1:190,000).

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