Bowles 1782

135mm h x 152mm w

Bowles 1782

Bowles's Post-Chaise Companion

Despite the similar titles, this is not a reissue of Kitchin's Post-Chaise Companion, but rather a new Bowles publication albeit using Kitchin's plates from his Ogilby's Survey Improved or Kitchin's New and Instructive Travellers' Companion of 1771 that Bowles had purchased in 1780. The strip maps were retained, but the titles were changed and distances between towns added (and North pointers).

Scale of about 4 miles = 37 mm, ie about 2.75 miles to an inch (instead of Ogilby's 1 mile to an inch, and less than the Gardner, Senex & Bowen versions), or 1:175,000.

The page numbers have changed (above is pages 133 & 134), and there is a Volume number at the foot of the page plus "Bowles's Post-Chaise Companion" (in capitals) down one side of the sheet and "London: Published 2 Jany 1782." on the other.

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