W & AK Johnston 1905

199mm h x 270mm w

W & AK Johnston WW Atlas 1905

World-Wide Atlas, Plate 11

The first edition (1892) to the 6th had national maps plus a London map, but in the 7th edition in 1905 they added 5 regional maps of England & Wales (and others for the rest of the UK).

Plate 11 covers SE England, and has Scotland (Plate 12) on the reverse. These regional maps are at a smaller scale than those in Johnston's Victoria Regina/Victoria Atlas.

Has all the Upminster lines (opened 1893) and Forest Gate - Tottenham (1894), but no Corringham Light (1901), Chigwell Loop (1903) or Tollesbury (1904).

Displayed scale of 25 miles = 33.5mm, or 19 miles/inch; actual scale c21 miles/inch, ie 1:1,300,000.

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