Bartholomew 1975

646mm h x 1,007mm w (Cover: 187mm h x 140mm w)

Bartholomew 1975, Sheet 16 Bartholomew 1975, Sheet 16

Bartholomew's 1:100,000 Map of Britain - Essex - Sheet 16

The map is on paper, Price 80p.

There is a sketch map of the area covered on the front coloured cover, which is wider and shorter than before. The map covers the same area as when they were the half-inch series, but as it is now a larger scale it's a larger map whilst the same sheet number.

Scale 1:100,000.

More details on Bartholomew's maps are on the Publisher's page.

Different colouring and symbols from 1970, eg the symbol for Airfield is now a jet aircraft, but Stansted's symbol is just in the middle of a large field.

The M11 is only built from Harlow to Bishops Stortford, and proposed further south and further north. John Bartholomew & Sons Ltd.

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