Bacon 1907

305mm h x 459mm w

Bacon 1907

Bacon's Library Atlas of the British Isles

Compared to the 1904 copy, this is now map "14" of the Atlas, as the first two of the old series (of the UK as a whole) are now in a separate section from the County maps. The colouring of the hundreds is much paler, but the edge colouring thicker and brighter; the hundreds vanish by 1913.

More details on Bacon's maps are on the Publisher's page.

Displayed scale of 10 miles = 63mm, or 4.0 miles/inch; actual scale = 3.9 miles/inch, or 1:250,000.

We now have the Fairlop-Chigwell Loop (opened 1903) and the line out to Tollesbury Pier (opened 1907). The legend has changed a lot since 1904, and the railways are depicted as claimed in this key.

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