Walker 1893

322mm h x 394mm w

Walker 1893

Walker's Fox Hunting Atlas

This is the same as the more famous Hobson's Fox Hunting Atlas, first published in 1850. It's the same information for the Hunts as before, but the underlying map has been updated. The South Essex and Essex Union Hunt merged to form a (larger) Essex Union Hunt in 1861 (from 1861 to 1868 it was called Mr Scratton's Hunt, but reverted to the Essex Union Hunt thereafter).

The Hundreds are still numbered and listed in a table (but uncoloured). There are no listings of Polling Places, etc, but the "Northern Division" and "Southern Division" are still printed in the map, despite having been superseded in 1868.

The railways shown include the Grays-Thurrock to Upminster (authorised 1883; opened 1892) and the Upminster to Romford line (1883; 1893), but not the Forest Gate to Tottenham link (1890; 1894). The Wickford to Southend, Southminster and Malden (all 1889) lines are all shown, but instead of Southminster the line is shown going to Tillingham (the latter on the coast, whereas Southminster is inland).

By "J&C Walker" under the cartouche, and along the bottom "London. Published by J&C Walker 37 Castle Street Holborn". The "37" is a bit wobbly, looking as a poorly executed replacement of the earlier "9".

Walker 1893 with missing railways

The example above is the same map of the same date, but when they prepared it for sale they completely omitted the lines from Shenfield to Wickford (opened 1888) and from Wickford to Southend, Southminster and Malden (all 1889). These are all included on the other map at the top, although the drawn line to Southminster manages to miss the town completely. The omission of these lines appears to be just a straight error resulting from the need to draw the lines onto the printed map.

Displayed scale of 1+12 miles = 83mm, or 4.0 miles/inch; actual scale = 3.9 miles/inch, or 1:250,000.

From the railway lines I estimate a sale date for both of these of c.1893.

The last Walker Fox Hunting Atlas was published in 1895

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