Philips 1884

Map: 334mm h x 416mm w (Cover: 157mm h x 99mm w)

Philips 1884 Philips 1884 cover

Cyclists' Map of the County of Essex

The three Parliamentary Divisions are no longer coloured, and instead we get items of relevance to cyclists - main roads are coloured brown, and arrows added to indicate hills that are to be ridden with caution or with breaks on, or just dismount. Also added are letters for a Consul of Cyclists Club in a town, a Hotel recommended by Cyclists (listed inside the cover) and X for where machines can be repaired.

Scale correct at 6 miles = 43mm, or 3.5 miles/inch, ie 1:225,000.

Advert for Philip' Cyclists Maps of the Counties of England inside the cover. More details on Philips's maps are on the Publisher's page.

Addresses: 32 Fleet Street London, and Caxton Buildings South John Street and 49 & 51 South Castle Street Liverpool.

The railways include the Southend to Shoeburyness (opened 1884) but not Barking to Upminster (opened 1885).

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