Smith 1804

453mm h x 504mm w

C Smith 1804

Smith's New English Atlas

Longitude shown from Greenwich, the first map to do so.

Major roads - meaning Turnpikes - are coloured.

Smith issued a reduced size version in 1822.

Scale correct at 1+10 miles = 95mm, or 3.0 miles/inch, ie 1:188,000.

The maps were first published Smith's New English Atlas in 1804 despite the maps being dated 1801, and without the 'Jones & Smith sculp. Pentonville.' under the compass rose. The map was then re-dated 1804 and the 'Jones & Smith sculp. Pentonville.' added under compass rose at some point, and then "corrected to 1808" added for the 2nd edition of the Atlas. Further editions were published in 1816, 1821, 1827, 1832, 1834 and 1846, and possibly others. From the 1832 edition the 'Jones & Smith sculp. Pentonville.' was removed from under compass rose.

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