Moule 1837

213mm h x 266mm w

Moule 1837

The English Counties Delineated

First issued as a part work from 1830 to 1836, the "Moule" maps were then used in The English Counties Delineated in 1836 (re-issued 1837 & 38) and in Barclay's Complete & Universal Dictionary (or A Complete & Universal English Dictionary) in 1841 to 1852 (with a [plate] "42" added in 1852), and in Hall's Pocket County Maps (1847) and The History of England by Hall and Smollett in 1849.

Scale correct at 8 miles = 31mm, or 6.5 miles/inch, ie 1:410,000.

The florid style has become almost a cliche of how Victorian or any "antique" map should look - probably as they are very common, with many copies from varying dates for sale. Most claim to be from 1837, despite having many railways added. This one is a first edition (with no railways).

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