Leigh 1837

73mm h x 121mm w

Leigh 1837

Leigh's New Atlas of England & Wales

The map had been used in Leigh's Picture of England & Wales (1820, in Leigh's New Pocket Atlas of England & Wales (1820 to 1845) and in the New Atlas first published in 1825 and re-published up to 1845.

Displayed scale of 20 miles = 29mm, or 17.5 miles/inch; actual scale = 17.1 miles/inch, or 1:1,080,000.

This copy is from 1837, with prominent Turnpikes northwards and north-eastwards, plus a planned railway past Chelmsford and Colchester (and to Thames Haven); the lines are very smooth, and other early railways (eg towards Cambridge) are not shown.

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