Hall 1833

186mm h x 247mm w

Hall 1833

A Topographical Dictionary of Great Britain & Ireland

This map was used in the Topographical Dictionary and in A New British Atlas (published 1833 to 1836), but this copy is probably from the Topographical Dictionary. See Hall's Map Publisher page.

There is a table of Hundreds, with their numbers printed on the map; in this case the individual Hundreds are colour-washed, but all roads are uncoloured. The title appears in a rectangular cartouche, with underneath it Engraved by Sidy Hall.

Latitude and longitude (noted as being from Greewich) are inscribed around the border, with 2 minute bars and numbers every 10 minutes. Obviously there are no railways at this date. There is also no indication of the Northern & Southern Divisions that had been introduced in 1832.

Across the bottom is: "London, Published by Chapman and Hall, No 186 Strand." .

Displayed scale of 10 miles = 37mm, or 6.9 miles/inch; actual scale = 6.7 miles/inch, or 1:420,000.

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