Fisher 1844

270mm h x 345mm w

Fisher 1844

Fisher's County Atlas of England & Wales (Part 15)

Fisher's Atlas was issued from 1842 to 1845, with maps drawn and engraved by a mixture of J Archer and FP Becker. This one was by J Archer, even though it says it is by FP Becker.

Displayed scale of 12 miles = 70.5mm, or 4.3 miles/inch; actual scale = 4.5 miles/inch, or 1:280,000.

Parliamentary divisions, boroughs and polling places shown. Railways shown past Saffron Walden (opened 1845) and past Colchester (opened 1846), and the mythical line to Stanford-le-Hope. Across base there is: "Drawn by FP Becker & Co, Ltd, 12 Paternoster Row." "Engraved on steel by the Omnigraph, FP Becker & Co Patentee."

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