Capper 1808

102mm h x 176mm w

Capper 1808

Topographical Dictionary of the the United Kingdom

This is the usual "first" edition of the map (eg as defined by Chubb), dated 1808, as opposed to the 1807 of the preceding entry. (The odd looking North Sea is an artefact of display; magnify the image to see the fine lines actually used. There are, however, too many of them, giving the map a dark and crowded appearance.)

Displayed scale of 10 miles = 23mm, or 11.0 miles/inch; actual scale = 11.5 miles/inch, or 1:730,000.

The Dictionary was publishd four further times to 1839. Cooper engraved the maps and Philips is stated as the publisher, but Benjamin Pitt Capper is seen as the driving force behind the publication.

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