Simpson 1746

155mm h x 196mm w

Simpson 1746

The Agreeable Historian, or the Compleat English Traveller

Simpson is the "Gent" who wrote the text; the maps were printed and published by R Walker. Nothing is known about "Samuel Simpson"; perhaps it's a pseudonym.

The text in The Agreeable Historian is very, very similar to that of the English Traveller, such that it is suspected the two works shared a common compiler.

The Agreeable Historian was issued as a part work, from 1743 to 1745, and as a 3 volume book in 1746.

In the lower right are crests of "Arms of Essex" and "Arms of ... Earl of Essex", except the "Essex" ones are actually of Colchester, not of Essex.

Displayed scale of 10 miles = 39mm, or 6.5 miles/inch; scale actual = 7.5 miles/inch, or 1:475,000.

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