Cary 1794

262mm h x 204mm w

Cary 1794 Cary 1794

Cary's New Map of England & Wales

Two pages from his atlas (despite the name), that had 53 pages of maps, plus an Index map, a page of Explanation, 85 pages of listing places' map pages, and 3 pages of Subscribers.

Scale stated as "British Statute Miles 69 1/2 to a Degree", with 30 miles = 152mm, ie 5 miles to an inch (1:316,800).

Later editions in 1804, 16, 22, 26, 28 & 34 did not have the Subscribers, but instead adverts for Cary's other publications. The presence of the railway line past Colchester into Suffolk, plus the incorrect direct line to Thames Haven suggests a date of c.1846!

GF Cruchley acquired the plates along with Cary's other maps, but this 5 miles to an inch set of maps was not reused by him (?).

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