Bowen, Royal English Atlas 1764

404mm h x 494mm w

Bowen Royal English Atlas 1764

The Royal English Atlas

The Large English Atlas was such a success, the Bowens & Kitchin decided to try a smaller and cheaper atlas (2 guineas instead of 3 guineas) to appeal to a new market.

It was re-issued in 1778, 80, and as The English Atlas in 1794 & 1828.

It was not as successful as The Large English Atlas though, possibly as it was too close in price, and there were others to compete at the price and size. From the sellers named across the bottom of this print, this copy is probably from the The English Atlas published in 1828.

Scale correct at 12 miles = 90mm, or 3.4 miles/inch, ie 1:215,000.

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