Badeslade & Toms 1741 & 1742

150mm h x 150mm w

Badeslade & Toms 1741 Badeslade & Toms 1742

Choreographia Britannia

Choreographia Britannia was first published in 1742 with maps dated 1741 (left picture above), then re-published in 1742 and several further times.

The 2nd version of the map adds many more place names and roads, but otherwise is the same (right picture above).

This is the only map of Essex I think I've seen that has west at the top - there are some that have east at the top (eg Cary's Traveller's Companion maps).

Displayed scale of 10mls = 22mm, or 11.6 miles/inch; scale actual = 13.0 miles/inch, or 1:825,000.

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