Van Den Keere 1627

85mm x 120mm

Van Der Keers, Miniature Speed 1627

The Miniature Speed

Miniature maps created by Pieter Van Den Keere sometime 1599-1604, now being used in an abridgement of Speed's Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain.

The maps were printed with the text from Speed's Theatre, with very little omitted. The 15 in the bottom right corner is the map number in the Abridgement.

Displayed scale of 10 miles = 22.5mm, or 11.3 miles/inch; actual scale = 14.7 miles/inch, or 1:930,000.

As this is a small map with almost all the places named on Saxton you end up with a very crowded appearance. These maps were reprinted for various atlases, so are very much more common than the Bill maps that look so similar.


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