Saxton (Lea) 1693

416mm h x 530mm w

Saxton in Lea's 1693

All the Shires of England & Wales

Still using Saxton's plates (now over 100 years old), but with some re-engraving - notably of the Scale bar, which reduces the "mile" from c.2,400 yards to c.2,300 yards. The royal coat of arms has been amended and Speed's plan of Colchester added, but otherwise not much has changed.

Displayed scale of 8 miles = 87mm, or 2.3 miles/inch; actual scale = 3.0 miles/inch, or 1:195,000.

In his atlases Lea used either this map, or the 1689 revised version of Ogilby and Morgan's map, or both - atlases in collections vary.

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