County maps of Essex from the 20th century - 1st part

The table below lists flat maps of Essex in approximately chronological order; these are taken from Atlases, or in a few cases were published as maps of Essex alone. There is a link from each entry to a large picture.

There are no links to reference books on this page, as there are no reference books that I've seen to help.

The dimensions against each map are Height x Width, and as Essex is a little wider than it is tall the width is usually greater - assuming the map has north at the top. The measurements are of the outermost neat line of the map (not the size of the sheet of paper).

Alternatively, go to the preceding chronological listing, 19th century - fourth quarter.

Thumbnail maps Mapmakers, their Atlases and Maps
Thumbnail: Philips 1900

G Philip
Philips' Atlas of the Counties of England

1900         338mm x 417mm
Little changed from 1885.

Thumbnail: Philips 1900 FM

G Philip
Cyclists Map of the County of Essex

1900         336mm x 418mm
The map now with Cyclists'information.

Thumbnail: Jarrolds' 1900

Jarrold & Son
Jarrolds' Map of Essex

1900         635mm x 806mm
Bartholomew's half-inch map without contour tinting.

Thumbnail: Cruchley 1900

GF Cruchley
The Half Inch Map of England

1900         514mm x 644mm
Gall & Inglis using Cruchley's, ie Cary's, old maps.

Thumbnail: Encyclopaedia Britannia 1902

Encyclopaedia Britannia Company
10th Edition

1902         266mm x 382mm
Less importance for counties than in the 9th edition.

Thumbnail: Philips 1903 FM

G Philip
Philips County Cycling Map of England and Wales

1903         458mm x 571mm
A different & larger folding map from Philips.

Thumbnail: Stanford 1904

E Stanford
Geological Map

1904         182mm x 239mm
Geology seems to have changed since 1860.

Thumbnail: Bacon 1904

GW Bacon
Commercial and Library Atlas of the British Isles from the Ordnance Survey

1904         306mm x 457mm
An Atlas published many times.

Thumbnail: Johnston WW Atlas 1905

W & AK Johnston
World-Wide Atlas

1905         199mm x 270mm
Regional maps added to 7th edition of Atlas.

    Thumbnail: Johnston 1905

W & AK Johnston
New Three Miles to an Inch

1905         617mm x 484mm
More sea than land on this one.

Thumbnail: Bacon 1906

GW Bacon
Bacon's County Map and Guide

1906         455mm x 612mm
Our two cyclists have dismounted since 1896.

Thumbnail: Bacon 1907

GW Bacon
Bacon's Library Atlas of the British Isles

1907         305mm x 459mm
An Atlas published many times (the name changes).

Thumbnail: Great Eastern Railways 1909

Great Eastern Railways
Great Eastern Railways: Essex & District

1909         263mm x 162mm
Highlights GER's tracks, and downplays other companies.

Thumbnail: Cruchley 1910

GF Cruchley
Gall & Inglis' County Maps of England

1910         481mm x 613mm
The title and the cover lives on, but the map changes.

        Thumbnail: Montagu Roads 1910

Montagu's Road Map of the British Isles

1910         701mm x 463mm
The Car Illustrated (a magazine) produces maps.

Thumbnail: Bartholomews 1910

J Bartholomew

1910         519mm x 730mm
Bartholomew Half Inch maps published by Stanford.

Thumbnail: Bacon 1910

GW Bacon
Atlas of London & Suburbs

1910         304mm x 458mm
Standard Bacon flat map, but in a London atlas.

Thumbnail: Bacon 1911

GW Bacon
Bacon's County Map and Guide

1911         453mm x 622mm
Female cyclist consults the map as car drives past.

Thumbnail: Bacon 1912

GW Bacon
Bacon's County Map and Guide

1912         454mm x 615mm
Female cyclist still consulting the map as car drives past.

Thumbnail: RAC Sheet 15 1912

RAC & Philip's
RAC Touring Map of England and Wales

1912         745mm x 937mm
RAC starts off with half-inch Philip's maps.

Thumbnail: Bacon 1913

GW Bacon
Bacon's Large Scale Atlas of London & Suburbs

1913         304mm x 457mm
Someone stole the map colouring.

Thumbnail: Bartholomews 1913

J Bartholomew

1913         507mm x 711mm
Bartholomew publishing Quarter Inch maps under own name.

Thumbnail: Bartholomews 1914

J Bartholomew

1914         520mm x 734mm
Bartholomew's iconic Half Inch map.

Thumbnail: Bartholomews 1919

J Bartholomew

1919         513mm x 725mm
Bartholomew Quarter Inch map post WW1.

Thumbnail: Jarrolds' 1920

Jarrold & Son
Jarrolds' Map of Essex

1920         444mm x 634mm
Anonymously sourced map with a strange scale.

Thumbnail: Bacon 1920

GW Bacon
Bacon's County Map

1920         428mm x 601mm
Now male cyclists consult the map.

      Thumbnail: Harmsworth 1920

Harmsworth's New Atlas

1920         430mm x 322mm
Even in 1920 someone was proposing more railways.

Thumbnail: Geographia Sheet 14 1920

Geographia Ltd
Geographia's 2 Miles to the Inch

1920         737mm x 976mm
Very inferior to same sized Bartholomew maps.

Thumbnail: Geographia New Road Map 1921

Geographia Ltd
Geographia New Road Map

1921         412mm x 531mm
Really cheap map, three miles to an inch; weird cover design.

Thumbnail: Geographia Three inch map 1922

Geographia Ltd
Geographia Road Map of Essex

1922         476mm x 721mm
They continue with this series for over 40 years.

Thumbnail: Geographia 1923

Geographia Ltd
Geographia Road Map of Essex & S. Suffolk

1923         741mm x 966mm
The maps continue despite the firm's financial troubles.

Thumbnail: Geographia 1923


1923         159mm x 220mm
Places and lines, but nothing else.

Thumbnail: AA Barts Sheet 26 1923

AA & Bartholomew's

1923         524mm x 731mm
Bartholomew's half inch map published by the AA.

Thumbnail: Geographia New Road Map 1924

Geographia Ltd
Geographia New Road Map

1924         409mm x 531mm
Really cheap map, three miles to an inch; plainer cover design than in 1921/22.

Thumbnail: Bacon 1924 FM

GW Bacon
Bacon's County Map

1924         428mm x 601mm
The two male cyclists still consulting the map.

Thumbnail: Bacon 1924

GW Bacon
Bacon's County Atlas of England and Wales

1924         304mm x 449mm
Two identical maps, but with different plate numbering.

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