County maps of Essex from the 19th century - 1850 to 1874

The table below lists flat maps of Essex in approximately chronological order; these are taken from Atlases, or in a few cases were published as maps of Essex alone. There is a link from each entry to a large picture.

Shown against items are reference books refs -
C401 means atlas 401 from the Chubb refence book listed on the Books page

The dimensions against each map are Height x Width, and as Essex is a little wider than it is tall the width is usually greater - assuming the map has north at the top. The measurements are of the outermost neat line of the map (not the size of the sheet of paper).

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Thumbnail maps Mapmakers, their Atlases and Maps
Thumbnail: Collins 1850

The Travelling Atlas of England and Wales

1850         143mm x 183mm
Small, neat and inaccurate map.

Thumbnail: Collins 1852

The British Gazetteer

1852         326mm x 400mm
Very detailed, but fundamentally an old map.

Thumbnail: Knight 1852

C Knight
Essex, Hertfordshire & Middlesex

1852         131mm x 231mm
Colourful county edge-colouring, but not much else.

Thumbnail: Dugdale 1854

England & Wales Delineated

1854         179mm x 228mm
Only change since 1848 is more railways.

Thumbnail: Hall 1854

S Hall
A Travelling County Atlas

1854         182mm x 246mm
False railway removed, and new (real) ones added.

Thumbnail: J&C Walker 1855

J&C Walker
This British Atlas

1855         320mm x 388mm
Yet more railways; probably sold c.1856.

Thumbnail: Heywood 1858

A New Travelling Atlas

1858         148mm x 191mm
A small, neat map that does not show too much detail.

Thumbnail: Hall 1858

S Hall
A Travelling County Atlas

1858         185mm x 245mm
Railways get to Southend.

Thumbnail: Walker 1859

J&C Walker
Walkers' Essex

1859         319mm x 390mm
Another Walker map; probably sold c.1862.

Thumbnail: Cruchley 1860

GF Cruchley
Cruchley's Map of Essex

1860         487mm x 563mm
Cruchley using very old plates, with added railways.

Thumbnail: Dugdale 1860

England & Wales Delineated

1860         177mm x 232mm
Only change since 1854 is more railways.

Thumbnail: Weekly Despatch 1860

Weekly Despatch
Weekly Despatch

1860         300mm x 425mm
Now stating that map is "from The Ordnance Survey".

Thumbnail: Reynolds/Emslie 1860

Reynolds / Emslie
Reynolds' Geological Atlas of Great Britain

1860         178mm x 237mm
Geology and railways.

Thumbnail: Hughes 1863

W Hughes
The National Gazetteer

1863         240mm x 305mm
Detailed map, pity about the colour wash.

Thumbnail: Cruchley 1863

GF Cruchley
Cruchley's County Atlas of England and Wales

1863         211mm x 265mm
Cruchley using another set of very old plates.

        Thumbnail: Weller 1863

Weekly Despatch, Eastern Counties Railway

1863         432mm x 308mm
Getting from London to Norwich (via Cambridge).

Thumbnail: Davies 1863

BR Davies
Cassell's British Atlas

1863         308mm x 430mm
Weekly Despatch Atlas map lives on.

Thumbnail: Davies 1864

BR Davis
Cassell's British Atlas

1864         308mm x 430mm
Weekly Despatch Atlas map lives on, with added statistics.

Thumbnail: Metropolis Sewage Co 1865

Metropolis Sewage & Essex Reclamation Company
Proposed Conduit, Reclamation and Sea Wall

1865         244mm x 397mm
Some plans do not happen.

Thumbnail: Cruchley 1865

GF Cruchley
Cruchley's Reduced Ordnance Map of England and Wales

1865         501mm x 662mm
Cary's old plates live on under a new publisher.

Thumbnail: Hall 1866

S Hall
A Travelling County Atlas

1866         189mm x 247mm
Lots of new railways in the north.

Thumbnail: Philips 1867

G Philips
Atlas of the Counties of England

1867         336mm x 420mm
Large but poor quality and erratic map.

Thumbnail: Boundary Commission 1868

Boundary Commission
Essex - New Divisions of County

1868         331mm x 486mm
County changes to three Divisions.

Thumbnail: Wyld1868

James Wyld
Topographical Map of the County of Essex

1868         633mm x 880mm
Wyld using Faden's 1804 map with added Divisions and railways.

Thumbnail: Fullarton 1868

Imperial Gazetteer of England & Wales

1868         134mm x 229mm
More of Kent than of Essex.

Thumbnail: Hughes 1868

W Hughes
A New County Atlas of Great Britain

1868         240mm x 304mm
Updated railways, but still ugly.

Thumbnail: Heywood 1868

Heywood's County Atlas of England and Wales

1868         150mm x 191mm
The 1858 map with more railways.

Thumbnail: Walker 1868

J&C Walker
British Atlas

1868         316mm x 394mm
Incomplete Parliamentary changes; estimated sold c.1869.

Thumbnail: Walker 1870

J&C Walker
Hobson's Fox Hunting Atlas

1870         319mm x 393mm
Hobson Fox Hunting map with contradictions, sold c1872.

Thumbnail: Bacon 1870

GW Bacon
New Large Print Map of Essex

1870         432mm x 620mm
First of Bacon's folding maps.

Thumbnail: Walker 1871

J&C Walker
Walker's Essex

1871         322mm x 394mm
An old map updated for new railways, sold c.1889.

Thumbnail: Childrens Friend August 1871 Map

Children's Friend

1871         Simple map in a picture quiz.

Thumbnail: Wyld 1872

J Wyld

1872         179mm x 268mm
Dissected for convenience, but very old map.

Thumbnail: Hall 1873

S Hall
A Travelling County Atlas

1873         188mm x 246mm
Still shows pre-1868 Parliamentary Divisions, but no longer highlighted.

Thumbnail: Hughes 1873

W Hughes
A New County Atlas of Great Britain

1873         240mm x 304mm
Updated for the Parliamentary Divisions.

Thumbnail: Philips 1873

Philips' Handy Atlas of the Counties of England

1873         152mm x 200mm
Uncluttered map as initially for educational use.

Thumbnail: Collins 1874

Collins' County Geographies - Essex

1874         159mm x 205mm
Another educational map - with text.

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