County maps of Essex from the 19th century - 1825 to 1849

The table below lists flat maps of Essex in approximately chronological order; these are taken from Atlases, or in a few cases were published as maps of Essex alone. There is a link from each entry to a large picture.

Shown against items are reference books refs -
C401 means atlas 401 from the Chubb refence book listed on the Books page

The dimensions against each map are Height x Width, and as Essex is a little wider than it is tall the width is usually greater - assuming the map has north at the top. The measurements are of the outermost neat line of the map (not the size of the sheet of paper).

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Thumbnail maps Mapmakers, their Atlases and Maps
Thumbnail: Greenwood 1825

C&J Greenwood

1825         1,310mm x 1,560mm
Last private surveyor of the whole county.

Thumbnail: Coltman 1828

Nathaniel Coltman
A New Map of the County of Essex

1828         523mm x 677mm
A reissue of the 1807 map, featuring the non-existent canal.

        Thumbnail: Cary 1828

John Cary
Travellers' Companion

1828         130mm x 93mm
The plate re-cut again as 1806 replacement the original had worn out.

Thumbnail: SDUK 1830

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK)
England V

1830         268mm x 370mm
A regional map, with coloured county borders.

Thumbnail: Teesdale 1830

New British Atlas

1830         343mm x416mm
Looks as classy as a Cary or a Smith.

Thumbnail: Murray 1830

An Atlas of the English Counties

1830         353mm x 457mm
The first to show the 1832 Reform Act changes.

Thumbnail: Greenwood 1831

C&J Greenwood
Atlas of the Counties of England

1831         609mm x 704mm
Reduced scale version of 1825 map.

Thumbnail: Bingley 1831

J Bingley
The History & Topography of the County of Essex (by T Wright)

1831         371mm x 402mm
Issued in Wright's books on Essex.

Thumbnail: Lewis 1831

Lewis's Topographical Dictionary

1831         178mm x 230mm
You will see several of these in the next 10 years.

Thumbnail: Nichols 1831

The Family Topographer

1831         77mm x 131mm
Lot of places for a very small map.

Thumbnail: Nichols 1832

The Family Topographer

1832         78mm x 130mm
Same very small map, but with scale added - inaccurately.

          Thumbnail: Cobbett 1832

T Cobbett
A Geographical Dictionary of England & Wales

1832         172mm x 102mm
The most inaccurately drawn map of Essex of all time.

Thumbnail: Pigot 1832

Pigot & Co's London & Provincial New Directory, 5th Edition

1832         224mm x 352mm
Elegant map for a Directory.

Thumbnail: Duncan 1833

A Complete County Atlas of England & Wales

1833         346mm x 434mm
Map updated with Reformed Parliamentary Boroughs.

Thumbnail: Hall 1833

A Topographical Dictionary of Great Britain & Ireland

1833         186mm x 247mm
A map published in atlases very many times.

Thumbnail: Hall 1833 folding map


1833         190mm x 249mm
Same as Hall 1833 above, but as a separate map.

Thumbnail: Pinnock 1833

Pinnock's Guide to Knowledge

1833         162mm x 227mm
Someone tried going backwards 300 years.

Thumbnail: Lewis 1833

Lewis's Topographical Dictionary

1833         185mm x 240mm
Lewis with Reform Act Polling Places and Divisions.

Thumbnail: Dawson 1834


1834         235mm x 300mm
Official maps of the Reform Act Polling Places and Divisions.

Thumbnail: Dugdale 1835

Cole & Roper
Dugdale's England & Wales Delineated

1835         175mm x 228mm
Older maps in Dugdale's book.

Thumbnail: Walker 1835

J&C Walker
Walkers' Essex

1835         323mm x 398mm
Extremely early version of the map, in folding form, but with later annotations; sold c.1836.

Thumbnail: Walker 1835

J&C Walker
This British Atlas

1835         321mm x 392mm
Very early version of the map, with no railways; sold c.1835.

Thumbnail: Walker 1835

J&C Walker
This British Atlas

1835         318mm x 395mm
First version of how J&C Walker maps show open railways; sold c.1836.

Thumbnail: Fullarton 1836

A New & Comprehensive Gazetteer of England & Wales

1836         187mm x 240mm
Darkly shaded incomplete hills.

Thumbnail: Leigh 1837

Leigh's New Atlas of England & Wales

1837         73mm x 121mm
Tiny map lives on.

Thumbnail: Moule 1837

T Moule
The English Counties Delineated

1837         213mm x 266mm
First edition Moule - pre-railways.

Thumbnail: Pigot 1837

Pigot & Co's London & Provincial New Directory, unknown Edition

1837         224mm x 352mm
Added schematic railways.

Thumbnail: Pinnock 1838

Pinnock's Guide to Knowledge

1838         162mm x 227mm
It's still very ugly.

Thumbnail: Dugdale 1838

Curiosities of Great Britain, England and Wales Delineated

1838         187mm x 241mm
Still featuring strange hills.

Thumbnail: Lewis 1838

Lewis's Topographical Dictionary

1838         178mm x 230mm
Polling places have gone - now it's back to being a conventional map.

Thumbnail: Walker 1839

J&C Walker
This British Atlas

1839         321mm x 393mm
The railways grow a little, but the colouring is terrible; sold c.1839.

Thumbnail: Pigot 1839

Pigot & Co's Pocket Atlas, Topography and Gazetteer of England. No 14 Essex.

1839         104mm x 164mm
Map with notes and Gazetteer.

Thumbnail: Lewis 1840

Lewis's Topographical Dictionary

1840         178mm x 230mm
Now with Poor Law Union boundaries.

Thumbnail: Archer 1841

The Monthly Magazine and Monthly Register of Religious and Ecclesiastical Information.

1841         177mm x 224mm
Map of London Diocese

Thumbnail: Hall 1842

A Travelling County Atlas

1842         186mm x 247mm
An update to Hall's 1833 map.

Thumbnail: Walker 1842

J&C Walker
This British Atlas

1842         321mm x 390mm
Railway lines now more accurate; sold c.1843.

Thumbnail: Dugdale 1842

England and Wales Delineated

1842         183mm x 232mm
Another map that will have a long life.

Thumbnail: Fisher 1844

Fisher's County Atlas of England and Wales (Part 15)

1844         270mm x 345mm
Lots of hatchuring, plus lurid boundaries.

Thumbnail: Lewis 1845

Lewis's Topographical Dictionary

1845         178mm x 230mm
Still with Poor Law Union boundaries, but railways change.

Thumbnail: Duncan 1845

A Complete County Atlas of England & Wales

1845         340mm x 439mm
Old map with added railways.

Thumbnail: Ramble 1845

Reuben Ramble
Reuben Ramble's Travels through the Counties of England

1845         69mm x 107mm
Old maps for a children's text book.

Thumbnail: Walker 1845

J&C Walker
This British Atlas

1845         323mm x 398mm
The railways continue to grow; sold c.1846.

Thumbnail: Slater 1846

I Slater
New British Atlas

1846         223mm x 357mm
Pigot maps taken over by Slater.

Thumbnail: Fullarton 1846

Parliamentary Gazetteer of England & Wales

1846         187mm x 241mm
Darkly shaded incomplete hills.

Thumbnail: Walker 1846

J&C Walker
Walkers' Essex

1846         323mm x 398mm
A folded version of the above Walker, with later date; sold c.1847.

Thumbnail: Johnson 1847

Johnson's Atlas of England

1847         162mm x 224mm
The horrible Pinnocks now improved.

Thumbnail: Moule 1848

T Moule
A Complete & Universal English Dictionary

1848         213mm x 266mm
The Moule has now added some railways.

Thumbnail: Reynolds 1848

Reynold's Travelling Atlas of England

1848         175mm x 236mm
Railways improved (mostly).

Thumbnail: Archer 1848

Dugdale's Curiosities of Great Britain

1848         177mm x 232mm
Dugdale uses Archer again.

Thumbnail: Walker 1849

J&C Walker
This British Atlas

1849         320mm x 388mm
Another Walker, this time from an atlas, with more railways; sold c.1849.

Thumbnail: Walker 1849

J&C Walker
This British Atlas

1849         320mm x 389mm
A folded Walker map, with changes from one above, but also sold c.1849.

Thumbnail: Walker 1849

J&C Walker
Hobson's Fox Hunting Atlas

1849         323mm x 394mm
Four different early Hobson Fox Hunting maps.

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