County maps of Essex from the 19th century - 1800 to 1824

The table below lists flat maps of Essex in approximately chronological order; these are taken from Atlases, or in a few cases were published as maps of Essex alone. There is a link from each entry to a large picture.

Shown against items are reference books refs -
C401 means atlas 401 from the Chubb refence book listed on the Books page

The dimensions against each map are Height x Width, and as Essex is a little wider than it is tall the width is usually greater - assuming the map has north at the top. The measurements are of the outermost neat line of the map (not the size of the sheet of paper).

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Thumbnail maps Mapmakers, their Atlases and Maps
  Thumbnail: Cary 1801

John Cary
New English Atlas

1801         484mm x 540mm
Cary's largest county maps.

    Thumbnail: Luffman 1803

J Luffman
A New Pocket Atlas and Geography of England & Wales

1803         61mm diameter circle
Genuinely tiny.

  Thumbnail: Smith 1804

Charles Smith
Smith's New English Atlas

1804         453mm x 504mm
Only a little smaller than the Cary 1801, but not as pretty.

Thumbnail: Faden 1804

William Faden
A Topographical Map of the County of Essex

1804         627mm x 869mm
Engraved and published by Faden, using OS data for 1st time.

Thumbnail: OS Essex 1805

Ordnance Survey
Part One of the General Survey

1805         1,240mm x 1,860mm
The Board of Ordnance's first published map.

Thumbnail: Cary 1805

John Cary
New British Atlas

1805         427mm x 534mm
Cary continuing to publish old and pre-OS maps.

        Thumbnail: Cary 1806

John Cary
Travellers' Companion

1806         145mm x 93mm
A re-cut plate as the original had worn out.

      Thumbnail: Whittle 1806

RH Whittle
New Traveller's Companion

1806         307mm x 255mm
More a road atlas than a "map".

  Thumbnail: Laurie   & Whittle 1807

Laurie & Whittle
New & Improved English Atlas

1807         184mm x 224mm
More use of old maps.

Thumbnail: Philips 1807

R Philips
Topographical Dictionary of the United Kingdom

1807         104mm x 178mm
First published, and very rare.

Thumbnail: Capper 1808

Benjamin Pitt Cappers
Topographical Dictionary of the United Kingdom

1808         102mm x 176mm
Usually called the "first", and quite common.

  Thumbnail: Smith 1808

Charles Smith
Smith's New English Atlas, 2nd edition

1808         453mm x 504mm
Second edition more elegant than the first.

Thumbnail: Cole & Roper 1810

Cole & Roper
The British Atlas

1810         175mm x 223mm
Book maps now in own atlas.

        Thumbnail: Wallis 1810

J Wallis
New Pocket Edition of the English Counties

1810         133mm x 95mm
Rather similar to Cary's Traveller's Companion.

  Thumbnail: Wilkes 1810

J Wilkes
Encyclopaedia Londoniensis

1810         188mm x 233mm
Part work gets to Essex.

Thumbnail: Wallis 1813

J Wallis
Wallis's New British Atlas

1813         173mm x 256mm
Map to get published many times for years to come.

Thumbnail: Cole & Roper 1816

Cole & Roper
Nightingale's English Topography

1816         175mm x 224mm
Nightingale's atlas using Cole & Roper maps unchanged..

Thumbnail: Darton & Dix 1816

Darton & Dix
A New Map of the County of Essex

1816         355mm x 545mm
Separate map pre-dating its atlas.

Thumbnail: Langley 1817

E Langley
New County Atlas

1817         169mm x 256mm
Clear map, with an Explanation and a vignette.

Thumbnail: Hall 1818

Sidney Hall
Excursions through Essex, Vol 1

1818         147mm x 213mm
The first of Hall's several maps of Essex.

Thumbnail: Ellis 1819

G Ellis
New & Correct Atlas of England and Wales

1819         173mm x 253mm
Wallis's map in brighter colours.

Thumbnail: Robins 1819

J Robins
Robin's Atlas of England & Wales

1819         196mm x 249mm
Cundee/Neele map in one Atlas.

Thumbnail: Dugdale 1819

Dugdale / Neele / Cundee
New British Traveller

1819         196mm x 249mm
Cundee/Neele map in 2nd Atlas.

        Thumbnail: Lewis 1819

W Lewis
Lewis's new Traveller's Guide

1819         133mm x 94mm
Wallis's 1810 map lives on.

Thumbnail: Leigh 1820

S Leigh / Hall
New Atlas of England and Wales

1820         70mm x 115mm
Small maps that will be used in 3 atlases.

Thumbnail: Wallis 1820

J Wallis
The Panorama, or Traveller's Instructive Guide

1820         69mm x 105mm
Compare to map below.

Thumbnail: Darton 1822

W Darton
Darton's Miniature Atlas

1822         70mm x 106mm
Compare to map above.

  Thumbnail: Smith 1822

Charles Smith
Smith's New English Atlas

1822         184mm x 230mm
Same name, but smaller than before.

          Thumbnail: Perrot 1823

AM Perrot
Description Hist. et Topographique

1823         61mm x 48mm
The smallest "county" map of Essex.

        Thumbnail: Gray 1824

GC Gray
Gray's New Book of Roads

1824         123mm x 106mm
Small map with bizarre claim.

  Thumbnail: Whitaker 1824

G & WB Whitaker
The Traveller's Pocket Atlas

1824         127mm x 158mm
Clear, because less detail.

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