County maps of Essex from the 18th century - 2nd half

The table below lists flat maps of Essex in approximately chronological order; these are taken from Atlases, or in a few cases were published as maps of Essex alone. There is a link from each entry to a large picture.

Shown against items are Skelton/Hodson or other reference books -
SH4 means atlas 4 from the Skelton & Hodson refence books listed on the Books page

The dimensions against each map are Height x Width, and as Essex is a little wider than it is tall the width is usually greater - assuming the map has north at the top. The measurements are of the outermost neat line of the map (not the size of the sheet of paper).

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Thumbnail maps Mapmakers, their Atlases and Maps
  Thumbnail: Kitchin 1750

Thomas Kitchin
Universal Magazine

1750         178mm x 191mm
One of Kitchin's many versions of Essex.

        Thumbnail: Kitchin 1751

Thomas Kitchin
Small English Atlas

1751         119mm x 135mm
Editions from 1751 and 1775

          Thumbnail: Bickham 1752

G Bickham
The British Monarchy

1752         222mm x 143mm
Impressionistic drawing of Essex, with major towns named; not a map.

Thumbnail: Read & Rocque 1753

Read & Rocque
Small British Atlas

1753         159mm x 194mm
Rocque using inferior plates.

Thumbnail: Gibson 1759

New and Accuarte Maps of the Counties of England and Wales

1759         63mm x 111.5mm
Rivers, but only a few schematic roads.

Thumbnail: Bowen 1759

Emmanuel Bowen
The Natural History of England - in The General Magazine of Arts and Sciences

1759         174mm x 195mm
Based on the maps of the Large English Atlas

Thumbnail: Bellin 1759

Carte des Entrees de la Tamise

1759         586mm x 876mm
Meridien from Paris

Thumbnail: Bowen's Large English Atlas 1760

Emmanuel Bowen (& Kitchin)
Large English Atlas

1760         528mm x 717mm
1760 is when full Atlas published; individual sheets were earlier, eg Essex in 1759

Thumbnail: Meijer 1763

Kliene Atlas

1763         173.5mm x 194.5mm
Copied from Bowen.

      Thumbnail: Bellin 1764

F Bellin
Carte des Entrees de la Tamise

1764         217mm x 174mm
Coastal map, but towns named as far inland as Saffron Walden

Thumbnail: Bowen 1764

Emmanuel Bowen
Royal English Atlas

1764         404mm x 494mm
This is from the 1828 edition

Thumbnail: Kitchin 1764

Thomas Kitchin
England Illustrated

1764         194mm x 255mm
One of Kitchin's many versions of Essex.

Thumbnail: Ellis 1766

J Ellis
Ellis's English Atlas

1766         195mm x 250mm
Hmmmm. Looks familiar.

    Thumbnail: Bowen 1768

Thomas Bowen
Morant's History of Essex

1768         295mm x 287mm
Probably largest scale maps of Essex to date.

Thumbnail: Read 1769

T Read
England Displayed

1769         159mm x 194mm
Old maps get a new usage.

        Thumbnail: Kitchin 1775

Thomas Kitchin
Small English Atlas

1775         119mm x 135mm
A later edition, with alphabetic listing of towns.

Thumbnail: Bowen Atlas Anglicanus, 1777

E & T Bowen
Atlas Anglicanus

1777         224mm x 320mm
The LEA begat the REA, and the REA begat the Atlas Anglicanus

Thumbnail: Chapman & Andre 1777

Chapman & Andre
Atlas of Essex

1777         Big
Two inches to the mile, multi-page atlas.

Thumbnail: Zatta 1779

Atlante Novissimo

1779         192mm x 295mm
Longitude based on the Azores (?).

Thumbnail: Bowles 1781

Carrington Bowles
Bowles' New Pocket Map of the County of Essex

1781         440mm x 532mm
A variant of the Royal English Atlas of 1764.

Thumbnail: Walpoole & Hogg, 1784

H Walpoole
New British Traveller

1784         215mm x 265mm
Published by Alexander Hogg.

Thumbnail: Bowles 1785

Bowles' New Medium Atlas

1785         215mm x 265mm
Identical to Bowen's Atlas Anglicanus, except for cartouche.

Thumbnail: Boswell (ie Hogg), 1787

T Kitchin
Historical Descriptions of New and Elegant Picturesque Views of The Antiquities of England & Wales

1787         215mm x 265mm
Re-issue of Kitchin's London Magazine maps.

Thumbnail: Haywood 1787

J Harrison
Maps of the English Conties

1787         348mm x 428mm
Sold by Harrison, but not one from his Maps of the English Counties.

Thumbnail: Cary 1787

John Cary
New and Correct English Atlas

1787         211mm x 264mm
The first of (very) many Cary maps.

        Thumbnail: Seller 1787

Seller's Supplement to the Antiquities of England and Wales

1787         111mm x 145mm
Page from the book published by Grosse, using Seller's 1701 map.

Thumbnail: Lodge 1788

Political Magazine

1788         264mm x 323mm
Lodge was the engraver, published by Murray.

Thumbnail: Cary 1789

John Cary
Camden's Britannia

1789         427mm x 534mm
Reused in his 1805 map.

Thumbnail: von Reilly 1789

FJJ von Reilly
Des Konigreichs England

1789         215mm x 281mm
Deutshes Meer oder Nord See.

        Thumbnail: Cary 1792

John Cary
Traveller's Companion

1792         145mm x 93mm
Small maps that kept being reprinted.

        Thumbnail: Cary 1794

John Cary
Cary's New Map of England and Wales

1794         262mm x 204mm
Pages 26 & 27 from his atlas.

Thumbnail: Aikin 1795

England delineated

1795         110mm x 150mm
Very small, and very little detail.

Thumbnail: Stockdale 1797


1797         425mm x 529mm
Large map with many settlements, but not all (?).

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