County maps of Essex from the 16th and 17th centuries

The table below lists flat maps of Essex in approximately chronological order; these are taken from Atlases, or in a few cases were published as maps of Essex alone. Click on the thumbnails to get a larger picture and more information.

Shown against items are Skelton/Hodson or other reference books -
SH4 means atlas 4 from the Skelton & Hodson refence books listed on the Books page

The dimensions against each map are Height x Width, and as Essex is a little wider than it is tall the width is usually greater - assuming the map has north at the top. The measurements are of the outermost neat line of the map (not the size of the sheet of paper).

Thumbnail maps Mapmakers, their Atlases and Maps
Thumbnail: Saxton 1576

Christopher Saxton
An Atlas SH1

1579         412mm x 530mm
Print from BL. (Individual counties earlier than Atlas - Essex 1576)

Thumbnail: Norden 1594

John Norden

1594         327mm x 416mm
A few counties; Essex not printed until 1840 (3 different versions)

Thumbnail: Mercator 1595

Gerard Mercator
Atlas sive Cosmographicae

1595         365mm x 465mm
Lat & long - but London at 20o40' east

Thumbnail: Kip 1607

W Hole & W Kip
Camden's Britannia SH5

1607         286mm x 365mm
The first of the Kip's for Camden's Britannia has latin text on its back

Thumbnail: Kip 1610

W Hole & W Kip
Camden's Britannia SH6

1610         286mm x 365mm
Then in 1610 there is english text, but the map is the same

Thumbnail: Drayton 1622

Poly-olbion SH13

1622        249mm x 318mm
No Lat, long or grid. Rivers and water sprites, which are in his poems.

Thumbnail: Camden's Britannia, Bill 1626

Abridgement of Camden's Britannia SH15

1626         85mm x 120mm
Lat & long shown, but where is longitude measured from?

Thumbnail: Van Der Keere 1627

Pieter Van Den Keere
England Wales Scotland and Ireland Described and Abridged SH17

1627         85mm x 120mm
published by G Humble, the "Miniature Speed"

Thumbnail: Jansson Atlas Minor 1633

Gerald Mercator, J Hondius & Jansson
Atlas Minor

1633         147mm x 203mm
SE England in French edition. Lat & long - but London at 33o east.

Thumbnail: Historia Mundi 1635

Gerald Mercator, J Hondius & Jansson
Historia Mundi, or Mercator's Atlas

1635         139mm x 180mm
SE England in English atlas. Lat & long - but London at 20o45' east.

Thumbnail: Atlas sive Cosmographicae 1636

Gerald Mercator, J Hondius & Jansson
Atlas sive Cosmographicae - the revised version by Hondius

1636         366mm x 467mm
Lat & long - but London at 20o40' east.

Thumbnail: Jansson pre-Atlas Novus, 1636

pre Atlas Novus

1636         381mm x 491mm
Map as used in Atlas Novus, but without shields.

    Thumbnail: Van Langeren 1636

Simmons / Van Langeren
A Direction for the English Traveller

1636         103mm x 100mm
Tiny thumbnail map, not covered by triangular distance table of 27 places (compare to Jenner 1643 below).

Thumbnail: Kip 1637

W Hole & W Kip
Camden's Britannia

1637         286mm x 365mm
For 1637 there is now a tiny number in the bottom left (the map is the same)

    Thumbnail: Jenner 1643

T Jenner
A Direction for the English Traveller

1643         105mm x 105mm
Tiny thumbnail map, partially obscured by triangular distance table of 27 places.

Thumbnail: Blaeu Atlas Novus 1645

Atlas Novus

1645         417mm x 524mm
1st French edition of Atlas Novus

Thumbnail: Jansson Atlas Novus 1646

Atlas Novus

1646         380mm x 489mm
The 1636 map with shields added.

Thumbnail: Jansson Atlas Minor 1651

Gerald Mercator, J Hondius & Jansson
Atlas Minor

1651         157mm x 205mm
Looks like a small version of Jansson 1636/1646 (above).

Thumbnail: Sanson 1654

J Sanson
Anciens Royaumes de Kent, d'Essex et de Sussex

1654         367mm x 476mm.
London at c.20o37' east.     Three scales, d'Angleterre of 24mls = 63mm.

Thumbnail: Jenner 1671

T Jenner
The Kingdom of England and Wales (ie "The Quartermasters' Map")    

1671     496mm x 644mm
Reputedly used by the armies during the Civil War.

Thumbnail: Blome 1673

Richard Blome

1673         260mm x 324mm
The Netherlands had Blaue and Jansson; we had Blome. We lost

Thumbnail: Speed 1676

John Speed
Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain

1676         385mm x 514mm
Has date of 1662, but is Bassett & Chiswell edition.

        Thumbnail: Jenner 1677

T Jenner
A Book of the Names of all Parishes

1677         103mm x 101mm
As for Jenner 1643, but has places named below the table/map.

Thumbnail: Ogilby 1678

John Ogilby

1678         405mm x 528mm
Print from ERO. Cartouche names Morgan & Ogilby.

Thumbnail: Keulen 1680

Johannes van Keulen
A Sea Chart of the East Coast of England from Dover to Dunwich

1680         590mm x 495mm
17th century Dutch sea chart with ornate cartouche.

Thumbnail: Blome 1681

Richard Blome
Speed's Maps Epitomiz'd

1681         149mm x 212mm
It wasn't any better than before.

Thumbnail: Schenk & Valk 1683

Schenk & Valk
Atlas Anglois

1683         378mm x 486mm
It's the Jansson, with different attribution in cartouche.

Thumbnail: Ogilby 1689

John Ogilby

1689         420mm x 539mm
This is from Lea's Saxton Atlas of 1689, with Morgan's name retained but Ogilby's removed.

Thumbnail: Saxton-Lea 1693

P Lea (& C Saxton)
All the Shires of England & wales

1693         416mm x 530mm
Saxton's plates now 120 years old, and still going strong.

Thumbnail: Morden 1695

Richard Morden
Camden's Britannia

1695         344mm x 414mm
Lat & long from St Pauls. Three scales - Great, Middle & Small Miles.

Thumbnail: Greenville Collins 1695

Greenville Collins
A Sea Chart of The River Thames and the East Coast of England from Kent to Norfolk

1695         940mm x 600mm
An English 17th century Sea Chart containing an ornate title cartouche, with three scales.

Thumbnail: Oliver 1696

John Oliver

1696         775mm x 1020mm
Supposedly a newly surveyed map of the county.

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