County maps of Essex

The pages listed below contain flat maps of Essex in approximately chronological order; these are taken from Atlases, or in a few cases were published as maps of Essex alone; there is (will be) a link from each entry to a large picture.
There are separate listings for map publishers.

Warning: The dates below are the dates shown on the face of the map - which can be quite different from the Publication date of an Atlas, as used on the Mapmakers pages. If there is no date on the face of the map (most do not), the Atlas Publication date is used, unless there is an alternative source of information.

16th and 17th centuries

18th century - first half

18th century - second half

19th century - first quarter

19th century - second quarter

19th century - third quarter

19th century - fourth quarter

20th century - first part

20th century - second part (& bit of 21st)

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